What I do

Hey guys!🤙🏻 So today I’ll just tell you a little bit about what I do. Well, honestly, nothing much happens during this COVID-19 lock down😛. But at least I get through the long weeks lol🤣. Here is my daily routine:

  • Wake up and read the bible
  • Have breakfast🍳🥗🥣🍛
  • Do 2 hours of EasyPeasy All-in-One Homeschool
  • Do 30 min. of Duolingo🦉
  • Do a chore
  • Have lunch🥞🥐🍞🍪☕
  • Do my schoolwork📊📚
  • Free time to do whatever I want (honestly the best part)📸🎼🎙🎹📱
  • Do a chore or help get dinner ready
  • Take a bath🧼
  • Have dinner🍗🥩🥘🥗
  • Watch tv🖥
  • Have family worship🎶
  • Read some novels or magazines📓📚
  • Go to bed😴

Well… I guess that’s it… BORING.. I know😒. Well you might be wondering what is EasyPeasy All-in-One homeschool. Well- its an amazing Christian homeschooling website for kids in nursery to high school.undefined And then, what in the world is Duolingo? Well its an app which helps you learn a language🇵🇲🇹🇫🇳🇫. Its amazing… I really recommend it to you guys😃. Completely free and can be used for years. You can even learn multiple languages in that course, including the written script🈚️🈳️🈴️. Try it out guys!undefined

I hope you enjoy my weekly blogs✌🏻. I am sorry for such an awkward introduction to myself. But I hope that, as you check my blogs, you will discover who I am🖤. I sent my Love and best wishes to all you guys out there.🖤🖤🖤

P.S. Keep safe, this won’t last. Peace out.😎


45 thoughts on “What I do”

    1. Awww, thanks! The first sentence really flattered me…. And yes India is awesome…. though it is not as modern as USA or England…. so we miss out on some things I hear you guys doing haha. Still I love India, my home☺

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  1. Here is my reply to your comment. (I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t related to making my blog private):

    “Oh no! I have made it private. That’s so sweet!! um, have you tried requesting access when you type in my site address? If you do, i will definitely “Let you in”

    I think you are following, you just aren’t a viewer. Which is what you need to be to see my blog even if you are folloing.

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  2. Hey! Thought I check out your blog! This is really cool! I love how you look into songs like this! I also thought this was really cool, I use Duolingo & I used to use Easy Peasy! (I did it last year)
    Thanks for the cool thoughts!!

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    1. Wow! Thanks for coming here! 😊 Oh! That’s great! Another Duolingist! (Idk if thats right😂) Are you homeschooled?🤔 Thanks again!❤ Love, Amy


      1. Duolingist should be a word!!! Yes, I am homeschooled. My mom usually throws together a bunch of stuff for our school, but 2 years ago we did Easy Peasy. How long have you been homeschooled?

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      2. Actually I’m not homeschooled😂 Well maybe kind of? I go to school, but I do EP during vacations and this quarantine😊 Love, Amy


      3. Yes…. I am a bit ahead…. but that’s hard to say because our school teaches different subjects than EP…. so its more like I am doing a few extra subjects😉😁😂


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