Music Time!

Hello everyone! I am back😃! I decided to post a short piano cover of ‘Be Thou My Vision‘, which is probably a well known hymn. I hope you enjoy it. Sorry for the bad quality and background sounds (just my sisters playing). Please don’t mind the few mistakes here and there, didn’t feel like recording it again and again haha 😜. So here it is!

Hope you liked it! Sorry for the husky voice haha🤣. I’m not really sure what to say now….. I know this post is pretty short😖 Anyway have a blessed Sunday y’all! Love, Amy


5 thoughts on “Music Time!”

  1. Hi Amy, Nice to follow your blogs and hear you playing the piano! It feels for us as if we are nearer to you.
    We wish you success tot your writing and posting! With love

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    1. Thank you Oma! I really miss you and Opa! I hope you are ok! Kisses to you and Opa❤❤❤😘😘💋
      Love, Amy


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