Something a little different? 3 in 1!

Hello everyone! Sorry for not posting in a long time! Here is a short post! Hope you enjoy!😁

I decided to do something a little different. Instead of a song, I have played a classical short piece called…..

In Dreams!!!! 💕

Here it is!!!!

Wait there’s more!

I would like to wish my grandma a Happy Birthday!!!

My dear Oma,

You are so kind, caring, and beautiful. I miss you alot and I can’t wait to meet you again. I hope you had good time celebrating on Saturday! I know that we are very far in distance, but we will always be close at heart!

Once again, Happy Birthday to the best grandma ever!!!

Love, your granddaughter, Amy.

Wait!! Spare me a few more minutes please!! Ok thanks. I would like to alert you of something!

My dear friend, Evin, is having a free guest post!! Both in her travel blog and her main blog! There have been any submissions yet…. Come on!! We all can whip up a little something can’t we? Please try to submit something….. anything!!! Let’s show some love shall we? We can do that right? If you are not able to join either of them, do at least show some support! Follow her (if you haven’t already) or leave a like.

The last date of submission for the travel guest post is 27th July. Click here to read the instructions.

The last date of submission for the main guest post is also 27th July. You can write about anything!! Click here to find out.

That’s all for todays post! But,