Hey guys! New post!

Hey guys! I haven’t posted in ages right? Happy Sunday! It’s already August!! Sometimes it seems that time flies! And sometimes we can be like….. time goes soooooooooo slow. *sighs boredly* Is ‘boredly’ even a word???

Anyway I am back to tell you that I have a new schedule!! Ready? It goes like this:

Thursday: Thursday Theatre – Music post

Friday: Fun Friday Four – Films, Friends, Faith, Fiction

Sunday: Sunday Sharing – Random sharing and/or awards and tags

I made a small planner in an old tattered note pad👇🏻

I blurred it because then you would know what I am gonna post about right?

I hope I can stick to my schedule!!

One more thing before I go. Thank you so much guys! For everything! You have been so supportive!! Espiecially Chloe, Evin and Shanessa! But all my followers too! Thank you so much!! I am getting so many new followers! 37 to be exact! That really means alot to me! I will try to improve my blog because i know i don’t deserve your follows!

Now…. I will show you my new signoff! I made some signoffs myself! But Evin made some for me! So I would like to show you one of the signoffs she made for me!! Her designs are amazing! Please give her a follow and check out her design page if you need help designing!!



68 thoughts on “Hey guys! New post!”

  1. It’s great that you have a schedule! I just came up wih one too! Thanks so much!!! You’ve been a great blogger and you deserve it 💗😉 I hope you get to 50 followers soon!

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    1. Y’all I never thought of establishing a schedule for posts–guess I was afraid I’d have to stick to it. LOL Y’all have inspired me to try! Your “older” follower–way older!!!!

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      1. You can do it!!! It might be abit hard at first (like me-i almost forgot to post)…. but if you get the hand of it, your blog will be very ptofuctive!! (Just like Evin’s😊❤)

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  2. Oooooooh!!! I’m so excited!!!!!! I also LOVE YOUR BITMOJI!!!!!!!! <333333 I also love your sign off! I need to make another now XD

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      1. I have a few blogging friends whom I intend to meet before I leave this earth. I came close to meeting Jay, whom I’ve followed for a long time now when I went to NYC last March; we had planned to meet for breakfast in a real NY coffee shop before my girlfriends and I went to a Broadway play on a Sunday morning. But then came covid, and we had to cancel our trip. It was definitely a God-thing. We would have been stuck in NYC at the height of their worst time, unable to get home and perhaps being exposed to the dreaded virus. God directed us to back out just in time!!!

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    1. Thank you soo much Magaidh! I’ll try my best to stick to it and entertain you all! And i think it must be night time for you right…….. in that case…. Good night and sweet dreams dear Magaidh!! I appreciate your support!!❤😘


  3. Hey Amy!!! That was SOO sweet of you to say “your blog will be really productive, (just like Evin’s)”
    😇 (I’m saying it here, coz I can’t reply to that comment) ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh but that was SO NICE OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    💕✨💖💙💚 Im so glad you’re my friend!!!!

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