Thursday Theatre

Thursday Theatre!!!

Hey guys!!! As you see, I am going to be doing a new music series called ‘Thursday Theatre‘!! If you haven’t read my new schedule, you can check it out here.

I was so busy… I nearly forgot to post this!! Lol! So when i suddenly realised that it was already Wednesday…. I was like ‘Oh dear!! I gotta do something!!’ So now, this is all I can give y’all. (Ooo! All y’all! That rhymes!)

Without furder ado….. presenting…. *drum rolls*……the first ‘Thursday Theatre‘!!!

Ok! Todays music will be a little something I put together…. it sounds horrible…. but I had some difficulty in finding a good and quiet place to record a video or audio…. My younger sisters can be pretty loud sometimes!!!!

So, I have put together a little audio recording of the song ‘You’re beautiful‘. I accidently cut the audio…. so it starts from the second verse and is cut off in the end. I know….. it’s super bad quality…. but I promise to bring you something much better next time!!!

Here you go!! Don’t expect much….

I know this is not very fun…. and i do give my deepest apologies for going wayyyy below your expectations..

So, to make up for it…. I would like to share a few memes!! This was inspired by Hailey! Her weekly quotes, verses and memes really make me so happy! So I thought, I might try it once!

*all credit goes to pinterest*

Bye for now then!!! Toodles!

(Here is another simple signoff designed by me)


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