Fun Friday Four

My first Fun Friday Four!!

Here we goooooo! This is my first ‘fun friday four‘…… so i hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!! Whoop whoop!

Ok…. ready guys? First up…..

Featured Film!!!

The Parent Trap 1998 or 1916

This movie is fantastic!! I personally prefer the 1998 version, but they both are quite good.

It tells the story of two identical twins who were seperated at birth due to their parents divorce. They both eventually meet each other at a girls camp and find out that they are sisters. They then plan to reunite their long divorced parents. Will their plan fail…. or will it be a success? I won’t tell! Find out for yourself!

Here is the trailer of the 1998 version:

Here is the trailer of the 1961 version:


Featured Fiction!!! (Book)

Oz series by L. Frank Baum

They are honestly just AMAZING!! I know, they are pretty simple and mostly fairy tales. But come on! Who doesn’t enjoy a leisure reading! You can complete the book easily. All of his books are filled with humour and interesting adventures!!

Now I’ll share something related to my


I’ll be sharing some beautiful and aesthetic verses!! Remember…. God loves you….. and he will always be there for you!!

Lastly, the


I will try to mention you all! But for today I would like to start with….. Haley and Hailey!! Remember guys… I am not mentioning the people I like more first!! I love you all! But I need to mix it up a bit! I think I will try to order it by who followed first ok?

As I said, I will share something about these amazing friends! I love it that their names are so similar and they both were my very first followers!!


She is just….. amazing!! Actually…. not amazing….. more like ‘INDESCRIBABLE!! She has been such a sweet and encouraging friend!!! She has the most beautiful blog!!! Currently she is quite busy….. but we can’t blame her for that can we? We all get busy right? I can’t wait till she comes back!! Go check out her recent posts!! You will not regret it!! I have lots more to say!! Much more guys!! But it probably wouldn’t fit here…. so go give her a follow, drop a comment and discover her for yourself!! It would be amazing if she could reach a 100 followers soon…. she has been blogging for almost 3 years…. yet she is so sweet and kind, that she does not want to force or spread the word about her blog!! She is just amazing ok!


She is so inspiring!!! She has been one of my very first friend….. and without her…. I might not have come this far. She is so pretty and creative!! She has such a aesthetic and cute blog!! Please go check out her posts!! After reading them… you will surely hit that follow button! So I don’t have to tell you! Her weekly bible verses, positivity, aesthetic pics, girl advice, tips, and (i love this one) memes, will surely brighten up your week!! I am telling you…. you won’t regret discovering her!! If you have already met her, you will definitely agree with me that she such a sweet and caring girl!! Her comments will make your day!! Thank you for your friendship Hailey!!


That was all for this post!! Hope you enjoyed! Stay Tuned and Stay Safe! Toodles! This is another signoff! Love, Amy.


29 thoughts on “My first Fun Friday Four!!”

  1. I remember the original Parent Trap with Hayley Mills playing both twins…maybe the 60s? LOL The plot is perfect and it gives the actor/actress plenty of room to shine.
    And, oh the original Oz books–be still my heart. I’m so glad there are some discriminating younger readers like you who read literary fiction left; for that’s what they are.
    Your inspirational quotes helped me today. Thank you. You shed some sunshine into a tough day ahead. TY
    Loved reading about your friend. Hon, you can’t make it through life without “God and my girlfriends” (a Christian country song–one of my favs. Although some of my girlfriends are in their 80’s. LOL Ruby turned 100 on June 6th.
    I will remember your “inhale-exhale advice” all day today. It will help me get through the day.
    Have a great weekend.

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    1. Wow!! From the 60’s??!? Amazing! Yess!! The Oz books…. they are quite good.
      Thank you soo much for your kind words!! It makes me so happy!!
      Wow….. one of your friend turned 100!!! That’s amazing!! I hope you and your friends stsy safe!!
      Have an amazing weekend too!!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Magaidh!! It’s so nice to hear from you again!! Yes! Do check it out! (Warning: it’s kinda different…. they made it more dramatic and romantic…. but I love it because the actors are amazing!!)


  2. Aw! Thanks so much for what you said about me! I have seen the newer version of the Parent Trap and I love it and I want to see the older version, as well!
    Thanks so much for the encouragement! I like your sign off! I really need to remember that…
    Have an awesome day!

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    1. Thank you ALOT!! Yess… Try out the Oz series!! They will be a bit too simple for your age… but who knows… you might enjoy them!!! #fairytalesforlife 😊❤❤
      Thx again!!
      Love, Amy

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  3. Awww, Amy your sweet words made my day so much brighter. 💕☺️ I am very happy to be your friend, and I hope to stay that way for long time to come. ❤️ Thank you so much for your kind words, and I loved this post so much! The Parent trap is amazing! And so are you 😉 Much Love! 💕

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Awwwh!! Thanks for your sweet words! You made my day!! And yes! I hope we stay friends forever…. and that we can meet in heaven! Yes!! Parent Trap is really fun!! And you are the sweetest!!❤💖😘

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