Fun Friday Four

Fun Friday Four!!!

Hello and welcome back to the second post in the ‘Fun Friday Four‘ series!!! You ready? If you enjoyed this post, you can go and check out my first fun friday four post here.

First up…..

Featured Film!!!

Here is the trailer!!☝🏻

Sound of Music

I think most of us have watched this movie right? So….. basically the ‘Sound of music‘ is an old romance, fun and musical movie, about a young nun, who becomes the governess for a family of 8 kids without a mother. The children’s father and the nun soon fall in love…..

Ok!!! No more spoilers please! Next!

Featured Fiction!!!! (Book)

The Chronicles of Narnia

Tell me….. who doesn’t love Narnia? I mean…. some of you might not have read the book and watched the movie yet….. guyss!!! You are missing out on something! The Chronicles of Narnia is a 6 book long series of super interesting, thrilling, heartbreaking, emotional rides about Aslan, a just, powerful but kind lion, who is king over all, and the Witch….. she is the villian in all the stories…… There are soooo many other unique and unbelievable characters…… but it mainly revolves around Aslan and the Witch.



For faith….. I would like to share some beautiful quotes….. and a good christian movie!!!!

Movie: One Night With the King

this is the trailer!!☝🏻

Guyss! I love that movie!!!! It’s about the story of Queen Esther!! I won’t tell you anymore…. but please do watch it!! If you already have, please tell me in the comments!!

here is the full movie!!☝🏻



Today I’ll tell you abit about two more amazing friends and followers……. Kaelyn and Evin!!!


You are so pretty!!

She is probably one of the most sweet and encouraging and kind and fun….. ok….. I think I could go on forever!!! Her blog is 100% amazing!!! She was one of my very first follower and friend…. and she has always been there for me…. snd I will always be there for you too Kaelyn!! Thank you so much for supporting me and my blog…. and for encouraging me in faith dear friend and sis!!


Before I get tell you more….. I would like to remind you guys that today (14th August) is Evin’s birthday!! If you haven’t followed Evin….. please do! She is even hosting a blog party!! Don’t miss it! There will be food, drinks, music and more!

Anyway…. Evin is such a helpful and kind friend!!! She always has time to help me even when she is really busy…. and her blog? It’s just as fun as her! She helps design signoffs, blog buttons, and more at her design page- featherlight designz. She even has a seperate travel blog! Thank you Evin for your sweet friendship…. and have a happy birthday!

Hmmmm….. I guess that’s all? Oh yeah wait!!

Guest posting is officially open!!! You can submit it any time!! The only deadline is to submit it within August!! And all…. yes… i said ALL…… submitted guest posts will be posted!!! You can post about ANYTHING!! Be creative, and be yourself!! I am eagerly waiting!! Please submit the posts to!!! Thanks!

Ok. Now that really is all. See you on sunday!! Toodles!!


11 thoughts on “Fun Friday Four!!!”

  1. OUT of Thursday theater, Sunday sharing and fun Friday fours, THIS HAS TO BE MY FAV!!
    I love Narnia and I haven’t watched the sound of music, but I plan to.
    I CANNOT thank you enough for the sweet things you say about me! (and saying that I have a blog party! thxx!! ❤ ❤
    Oh, and I love that picture that you used for me (and kaelyn! soo pretty!)
    its actually one of my fav pics of me!!
    Thanks again, and I love this post!!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Yes! Same here! My fav must be this fun friday four
      !!!!! Thank you sooooo much for this super sweet comment!!
      Welcome! All those things I said about you and Kaelyn are 100% true!! So don’t need to thank me!!
      Oh that is great! I was not sure what pic of you to use…… but I am glad you liked it!!!
      This was so sweet!!
      Love, Amy

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is so good!! I love reading these! Sadly, I have never seen the sound of music so cue the sad muaic😥😂 I have watched One Night With The King as well and I loved it!!😍 keep being amazing!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. LOVE this post…so creative! I’m sure it took a great deal of time and thought.
    I loved the inspirational quotes. I copied the one about mistakes and achievements in my Quotes notebook. It’s definitely something I need to remember.
    Your friends/followers are lovely ( like you, my dear) and I think I missed the birthday even though I had accepted the invitation. Somehow it slipped through the sieve of my memory! LOL I remember when the Sound of Music first came out in theaters (I told you I was old!). We all saw it in the theater and bought the sound track from Columbia Records (on 33’s!!!) I’m pretty sure we still have ours. We have a lot of vinyls left from the 60s and 70s. We have three record turntables in this house and none of them work!!! I’m going to remind My Better Half again (aka known as nagging) to get one of them fixed. We have quad speakers in our living room and are missing out on some records that would bring back memories of our dating and early married years.
    Chronicles of Narnia was one of my favs, and yes, I read all seven books. I first met C.S. Lewis in grad school as a literary critic when I was researching some of my papers (I was a Lit major in grad school), then I found some of his inspirational books (You MUST read The Screwtape Letters–letters from Beelzebub to his nephew. My favorite is “Christianity And.” The vocabulary is a bit deep, but you are old enough to appreciate them. When I taught sixth grade back in the 70s, I showed the Beta Tape (google it!) of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe at Easter time and we had a great discussion about Aslan, The Stone Table being the cross etc. You couldn’t get away with that in public schools today.
    Esther is one of my favorite Biblical heroines and I enjoyed the movie. yes, I watched the whole thing. I’ve seen another Hollywood version, but this one sticks to the text. Good job.
    No time to proofread, consider the mistakes hugs,
    Your old(er) friend,


  4. Thank you so much Ms. Rae for this super long but kind comment!
    Wow! You make me want to start a quote book too! I never thought of that!
    Actually, you haven’t missed the birthday! It goes on for three days…. so you are covered!
    Wow! It’s amazing that you were actually there when the movie came out….. Vinyls from the 60s?! Wow that is so interesting! It’s a pity you can’t play them…..
    I’m glad to know someone who loves C.S. Lewis too!! Ok! I will try to read the Screwtape letters…… And when I’m old enough, I can’t wait to read his other books! My dad loves C.S. Lewis too….. so we have his collection! Including ‘Christianity And’.
    Thank you so much again!! I really enjoy reading your comments! And your experiances are amazing!!
    Your little friend,


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