Fun Friday Four

Another Fun Friday Four!!!

hello peeps!! how is everything going on? welcome back to another fun friday four!! i hope you enjoy! let’s begin with…

Featured Film!!!

Paddington 1 & 2

Wow!! Has any watched these movies before?? I think you probably have!! It’s a fun kids movie about the a bear called ‘Paddington’. The first movie tells the story of how he travels from Darkest Peru who to London to live there!

here is the trailer of Padding 1

The second movie is about all Paddington’s mishaps, and he unjustly gets sent to jail. There, he makes friends and makes the jail a better place. Then, ok…… No more spoilers!! Watch it now!

here is trailer of the second movie

Featured Fiction!! (Book)

Number the stars by Lois Lowry

First of all, Lois Lowry is an amazing author! Unfortunately many good authors are not well known….. Anyways, Number the stars is a beautiful and moving novel about two best friends- Ellen and Annemarie. Life is good, until the Nazis come and take over. They brutally round up all the Jews……. Ellen and her family are Jewish. Soon, with the help of her Annemarie and her family, they escape. The friends are parted…..



For, faith, I would like to share some quotes and also recommend you a beautiful christian movie which even non-christians would enjoy!!

King’s faith

Have you ever seen this one? If you have, you will probably agree that is very moving!! It is about an 18 year old guy, who has joined a gang, and has gone to jail numerous times. He finally decides to change his life. He gets adopted for the time, but this time, to stay. He struggles with his faith, but makes friends in his new christian high school who help him. So much more happens, but I won’t tell you anymore!!

I recommend this for 12+ though… because there are some bloody scenes.

here is the trailer!!


Today I would love to share something about my dear friendz……. Shanessa and Ellie (Maeflower)!!!!


Shanessa is a beautiful, sweet and caring girl!!! She is funny, sympathetic and friendly!! She has got so many beautiful gifts and a even more beautiful character!! She recently started a lovely blog called- My days in Montana….. about three weeks ago…… and guess what? She already has a 100 followers! That prooves how amazing she is!! I am blessed to have her friendship, I wish I could meet you in person one day!!

Ellie (Maeflower)!!

Ok….. Ellie is like a beautiful maeflower blooming in a field of weeds. She is a really thoughtful and sweet friend…… so unique snd lovely!! She has this amazing blog called- Musings of a maeflower…….. what a beautiful name!!! I am so thankful for her friendship!! Please give her a follow…. you won’t regret it!!! She is so kind, she even wrote a guest post in my recent post!! You can too!!!👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

Guest posting is still open!!! You can submit it any time!! The only deadline is to submit it within August!! And all…. yes… i said ALL…… submitted guest posts will be posted!!! You can post about ANYTHING!! Be creative, and be yourself!! I am eagerly waiting!! Please submit the posts to!!! Thanks!

That’s all for today’s post!!! I hope you enjoyed! Toodles!

Made by Evin👇🏻👇🏻 Beautiful right? Check out her design page!


26 thoughts on “Another Fun Friday Four!!!”

      1. Awwwh!! That’s all that matters!! I love you so much too! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕I can’t believe that if there was no quarantine, se would never have met….. or even joined the blogosphere….
        Everything works for good!!

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  1. You have a really cool post today. (Does anyone besides me still say “cool”? The memes are great and spoke directly to my heart. My husband and I, who are both Senior Citizens, went to the theater to see both Pad I and Pad II. We got a lot of funny looks like, “Where are your grandkids”? Number the Stars (I love Lois Lowry) sounds like a great candidate for my Saturday Mornings with Kids.


    1. Thank you so much Ms. Rae! Nice that you saw both movies with your husband!! Lol! “Where are your grandkids?” That would have been quite funny😊 Finally! Someone who enjoys Lois Lowry!!
      Love, Amy
      P.S. I have always wondered…. how to pronounce your name? I know that is off the topic.,.. but do say it ‘Ray-ah’ or ‘Ree-yah’ or ‘Ray’?


      1. It’s Ray, like the man’s name. Rae is short for Rachel, which was my grandmother’s name. When she came through Ellis Island as she immigrated from England, they told her that Rachel Figginboam was too long for the blank on the form, that she’d have to shorten her name. She thought they meant both names, so she became Rae Figgins. I am named Rae (pronounced simply Ray) after her. She was a cool flapper in NYC, dancing and partying at all the nightclubs there during the Roaring Twenties until she met and married a NYC cop, married him, and had my mother, whom she named Evelyn Adele Youngs in 1923. My middle name is Evelyn, after my mother–Rae Evelyn Mason Longest. The Longest is pronounced just like the word: Long, Longer, Longest. LOL
        I have read several books by Lois Lowry and even reviewed a couple on PWR.

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      2. Ok!! I got it!! That is a really long but interesting story about how you got your name!! Lol! Evelyn is a beautiful name!
        You even reviewed some of Lois’s books on PWR?! That’s so cool!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Awww I loved this post!!! I have watched only the first Paddigton and I have read Number the Stars! Such a good book!
    Loved the beautiful Christian quotes! And I may send in a guest post, but am a little busy right now. 😉
    -kaelyn 😛

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