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Fifth Fun Friday Four!!

Hello dear readers!! Hope you had a good week!! Here I have another ‘fun friday four’ for all of you!! Enjoy!!

Featured flim!!!

Charlie & the chocolate factory

Who hasn’t watch this? I think we all have seen this exciting and funny movie right? I think you better read the book first!! It is very funny and easy to read! But that’s not the point! The movie! Oh yeah…. All the characters are so different and their character actually matches their appearance. Willa Wonka himself is a splendid actor! He was done by Johnny Depp! Please do watch this funny entertaining movie!!

here is the trailor

Featured fiction!!!

The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien

‘The Hobbit’ is a very exciting and mysterious book. The book itself is way better than the very unrealistic movie. After reading it once, you will want to read it over and over! It tells the story of a small quiet stay-at-home hobbit who gets pursuaded to travel with a wizard and several dwarves to to get back the dwarves’ treasure from a dragon. So many things happen, they get stuck in the dragon’s mountain….. in the end….. Aghhh! You should read it!! It is fantastic!


As usual, some verses and a movie recommendation!!

Ring the Bell

‘Ring the bell’ is a beautiful movie about a sport agent who travels to a small simple town. He just wants to sign up one guy to join the big league. When they refuse because they found their faith and family more important, he decides to stay and persuade him.

He is struck by the whole town’s kindness and simplicity. Their faith inspires him, and after attending a ‘Casting Crowns’ concert… he realizes his mistakes. The bell ringing will come in somehow…. just watch it and find out!!

the trailor

Featured friendz!!!

Today I would love to share about my two dear but less well known friendz….. Neria and Abigail!!


Ahhhh! Neria is a beautiful friend!! Beautiful inside and out!! She is sadly kinda busy sometimes….. but she has 4 beautiful blogs!! One is called ‘Writing4funforever‘….. ahhhh! What a beautiful and fun name!! Another one is ‘God’s Princess Forever‘….. this is so pretty!!! Another one is a collab blog with Enni called ‘Brouhaha – Get it?‘ Or ‘thecrazycompanions4ever‘….. lol!! The last one is a collab blog with Addie called ‘Life in Pajamas‘….. cool!! Neria writes such beautiful posts! And I am thankful to know her. Sadly, not many people know about her….. just like Abigail. Please go and show some support!!


I have already mentioned her in a previous post…. and I hope that most of you have checked out her blog!! There is some slight problems…. the follow, like and comment button are missing. But you can still go and check it out!! Abigail is so sweet! I found out that even her family (mom) has a very fun blog…. with only about 5 followers…. whatt!!! Go check it out if you can!!


The post is finally finished! I hope you enjoy!! Stay safe guys! Toodles!!


17 thoughts on “Fifth Fun Friday Four!!”

  1. Actually, I I inhale deeply and gain confidence from you gals every time I read your posts. I loved the Hobbit–read it with an eighth grader who was bored with what the class was reading. Went on then to read Lord of the Rings. I was an adult, but he was eating it up, and finished much faster than I.

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    1. Aww! It makes me so happy to know that I am at least giving confidence to someone! Wow! That’s nice! I love the Hobbit! I can’t wait to read The Lord of The Rings once I’m older!

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  2. Hi Amy, great blog you have! Our daughter Babet heared the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory during a long drive in our car. Guess what whe found behind her ear that night? Chewing gum 🙂

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