Sunday Sharing

Sunday Sticker Sharing

Am I gonna be doing a give away? I’m really sorry……. no. But for today’s sunday sharing, I thought, why not make an original tutorial on how to make your own stickers? Of course! It will look something like this:

Woah…. maybe this is a bit clearer!

So, today I bring you my very own tutorial on how to make your own stickers! Here we go!

Before we start, make sure you have a large width tape.

I will be guiding you along with short 1 minute step by step videos! Ready?

Step 1!!

Done? On to Step 2!!

Actually, you can skip that step 2 if you already have an old sticker sheet or wax paper!

Step 3!!

If you don’t have a printer, you can cut out pictures from magazines to make into a sticker!

Step 4!!

Oops…. I’m sorry but the video was cut accidently…. here is the ending..

Remember, if you have any questions or problems making this, I will always be there to give help or advice!

I hope you all enjoyed this!!

If you have ever made your own stickers, tell me in the comments! Do you like stickers? Are you going to try this out?

And be sure to check out Hailey’s blog!! She posts beautiful quotes and memes every sunday!! And stay tuned for my bitmoji update (outfit and hairstyle change lol)!!

That’s all for today’s post!! Have a blessed sunday! Toodles!


16 thoughts on “Sunday Sticker Sharing”

  1. You have a lot of stickers😂😂 I AM OBSESSED with stickers but I’m too lazy to make them on my own😂
    (I’ll try doing this later. But I don’t have a printer or a sticker sheet😐)

    Liked by 1 person

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