Fun Friday Four

Fun Friday Four!!!

Good morning/afternoon/night!!? Confusing. I know. Where was I? Oh yeah!! Are you ready for another ‘Fun Friday Four’? By the way, are you enjoying this? Do you need it to more fun?

Anyways, let’s do it!!

Featured film!!!

Cheaper by the Dozen

Who has seen this? Many of you probably!! It’s such a fun movie about a messy family of 12 kids. What?! Twelve kids?! Yes. Throughout the movie, many mishaps happen (well of course). They, the Baker family, decide to move house. The children all hate this. The ring leader is Susan Baker. Then, the mother, who is a writer, gets called to some place to do some interviews and speeches. So now the dad has to take care. Things become so bad that the mom decides to come home. One of the child, Mark, runs away. Mark was always left out and teased. Do you think they will find him? (Of course!! Oops. *shut up*)

here is the trailer

Featured fiction!!!

The Children of the new forest by Captain Marryat

What can i say? Hmmm…. It’s a very captivating story and adventure of four siblings – Two boys and two girls. Their father is killed at war, and then their house is burned down. The enemies thought that the children had died in the father, but secretly they had escaped!! What will happen next? Who will they meet? Will theybe found out? Read it for yourselves!!


Like always, some verses and a movie recommendation!!

Extras anyone?

Bright Ones by Bethel

Ok. I love this movie!!! If you have watched Bethel kids, you will definitely love this movie by them!! Even if you don’t know them…. do watch this spectacular movie about the lives of different teens. One teen girl is very good at singing, but doesn’t want to share it. Also, her father was in the army and she hasn’t seen him in months! Another story is of a teen girl who loves designing clothes, and she somehow meets an old lady seamstress and…. i’m not telling!! It also adds the story of a teen boy who is an orphan and is ashamed of it. He is angry that no one wants to adopt him. There are also two naughty but funny guys who join the group. Watch it now!!!

here is the trailer

Featured friendz!!!

Today we have my dear friendz….. Ms. Rae and D (Introverted thoughts)!!!!!

D (Introverted thoughts)

D is just SOOOOOO KIND SWEET AMAZING FRIENDLY FUNNY and even very wise I would say 😉 Her blog is not that good though. It could use some changes here and there. Wait what?! NO I’M JUST JOKING SHE HAS ONE OF THE BEST BLOG I’VE EVER SEEN!! Guys! Definetly check it out!! Ahhh!! And her theme and everything is so vintage and typewritten!! But what I love most is her character!! Such an amazing friend!!

Ms. Rae

I know that Ms. Rae is way older than us….. but that doesn’t mean we cannot be friends right? Ms. Rae is such a kind, wise and thoughtful friend and follower!! I am so thankful for you Ms. Rae!! Guys! Maybe go check out her blog? Please? Her comments are enough to make your day… or your week!! She is always so kind and encouraging…. and she will always add a short story or experiance of herself while commenting!! Ahh! Her friendship and comments mean alot to me! Regardless of age!!


That’s all for today!! Stay tuned for a Life update on Sunday!! Toodles!!


36 thoughts on “Fun Friday Four!!!”

      1. I watched it a month ago on youtube because they were giving free streaming….. but now it’s not there…. so I don’t know how you can watch it…. really sorry. 😔😥I wish you could watch it!! It’s amazing!!😊

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  1. Great post Amy! BTW I replied to your email! Yes I love Ms. Rae and D! Ms. Rae actually does have two blogs. I believe its powerful woman readers and the second one is blogging101 I think I don’t know for sure tho XD

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