Life Update, Sunday Sharing

Sunday Sharing / Life Update

Happy Sunday everyone!! I hope you all had a great week! I decided that I would like to try writing a short Life Update of whatever I have been doing these past weeks (September)! So here we go!

For a start, I had delicious apple cinamon oat pancakes for breakfast!! They are not small and fluffy like American pancakes. They are very big and thin like Dutch pancakes and there is no baking powder! But I love them!!

5 September

Nothing really happened much. It was teachers’ day. But since I couldn’t meet any of my dear teachers, I sent all of them a message. I was surprised when every message turned out to be almost 20 sentences! I could have just said ‘Happy Teachers’ day Miss! I hope you have a great week ahead!’ but I just kept typing. Lol. I really miss them. I got a lot of sweet messages back. I was so happy. 🙂

7 September

I went with my mom to a large shopping mall called ‘Vishal’. We left at around 1:00 pm. When we arrived, we were surprised to find a really long queue! So, we waited for a very long 30 min. Finally we got checked, and we even got sprayed with sanitizer. Full body. This was the first time for me! They said they weren’t letting children in. So, I tried to look as grown up and confident as I could, and they thought I must be around 17 so they let me in! Yesss! Lol. We bought tons of stuff! Mostly groceries, but also many presents for my two sisters since their bday was coming up! I also got the beautiful wooden framed mirror I had been wanting for my room! Yes! I also got a cute and cheap short. Guess what, it was actually from the boys/men’s section. But who cares! It’s really cute and super comfortable! We had 4 stuffed bags. Phew!! It was so heavy! But we paid, got out, and got home at around 4:00 pm. So…. We had spent 3 hours shopping!

10 September

It was Gelina and Cherish’s bday! We gave them their gifts after they woke up, and then we had breakfast. (my lil bro☝🏻❤❤❤❤)

Then we spent the whole morning playing. We even played a long round of monopoly! In the afternoon we had our lunch. Then we sang and Gelina and Cherish cut their cakes! (That is Cherish☝🏻) (That is Gelina☝🏻)

One cake was green apple, and the other one was orange. Delicious! Then we went and climbed ‘Langol’ mountain. Tiring, but fun! We managed to go only half way. The view was amazing!! (That is my beloved city/home! What do you think?)☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻

We went home. Then we had pizzas!! Yummm!! Five EXTRA large ones! 3 veg, 1 chicken, and 1 salami! We all were stuffed. Then came ice cream and a family movie! We watched ‘Heidi (2015)’ because it was suitable for all ages. What a great day!

Here are a few extra pics I took at the mountain! 😉

Well, I guess that’s all for today’s post! I hope you enjoyed! Tell me in the comments: Would you like to see more Life Updates? Have you watched ‘Heidi (2015)’? Do you love pizza (I mean who doesn’t)? How did you celebrate teachers’ day? Do you love shopping? Can you play monopoly?

And be sure to check out Hailey’s blog!! She posts beautiful quotes and memes every Sunday!!

Can’t wait to hear from you! Have a blessed Sunday y’all! Toodles!!


40 thoughts on “Sunday Sharing / Life Update”

  1. MI-MIIIIIIII!!!!!!!! YOU’RE SO BEAUTIFUL! OH MAH GAWRD!!!!!!!! Cherish and Gelina had a good birhtday, amiright? 😂They’re so pretty as well!!!! And your bro looks adorbs! MY GOSH, I WANT PIZZZZZZAAAAAAAA oh and don’t forget the cake, sharing is caring!😂 Oh, and those pancakes look delish! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOTIFULLLLLLLL💎🤪✨
    Also, the place looks awesome, the pics you took are awesome! You’re awesome!
    This was such a fun read, I hope you do more of these!
    lOaDs Of lOvEeEeEE!!!
    Shasha x 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AWWWH! THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU ARE TOO SWEET!! I am so happy right now! Thank you so much dear Shasha! Yeah! I hope they both enjoyed! I think they did XD Awwh! My lil bro actually looks more adorb in real life! Oh! I have a few slices left! Here! Enjoy! Sharing is caring true! So here are some pieces of cake too XD
      Thank you so much! I’m flattered! You’re the awesomest! 😉
      I’ll try to do more of these! thanks!
      LoAdS oF lOvEeEeE!!!
      Mimi xoxoxo 😉

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  2. Amy your so beautiful!! And you bro! Aww he’s so cute!! You live in a beautiful place!! And your sisters look a lot like you!! Yes I’ve watched Hedi! What? 17? And people only think I’m 14😭😂😂 I’m super tall too!😂 love ya Amy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awwh thanks! You are more beautiful inside and out! 😉 Yes! I love my home valley surrounded by mountains! oooh! I never thought they looked like me XD! Oh that’s great! Heidi is a good movie! I personally like the book more though loll. Oh! Another tall person finally! I’m not super tall… but the people around here are pretty short! the average female adult is around 5’2 so I’m pretty tall compared to a few of my teachers XD love ya Shanessa!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Glad you had fun! Haha, that’s funny people thought you were seventeen. I’ve been asked many times if I am sixteen! XD I loved this post! I’m glad your sistas had a good birthday. (:

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  4. II had a wonderful time reading this post. Thanks for taking me with you. My day (Sunday) was boring by comparison but I did a little retail therapy by going to Half Price Books. I bought about four novels and a non-fiction book for myself, lots of kids books for my Little Free Library in my yard, and we ate breakfast at Whataburger. Later in the day, I messed around in the yard, transplanting Butterfly weed “volunteers” to where I wanted them. A young woman who is a “friend of a friend” (former student) came by with her 5 year old son to pick up some books for her classroom library. She left with a nice tote bag and about sixty books, and the son left with freshly baked cookies. One unexpected thing happened. The young woman gave me a thank you gift! It was a Starbucks insulated coffee mug. It was a good day!

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    1. Great to hear that you enjoyed! Wow! That’s a pretty interesting day! You have plenty of books to enjoy now! Yumm…. freshly baked cookies! Wish I had some 😉 What a pleasant day! Have a pleasant week ahead dear Ms. Rae!
      Love, Amy

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  5. Hi ! I just found your blog and I love it …your blogging voice is soo fun And what a lovely post 🙂 And it looks like you had a realy interesting sunday …I love going shopping…and i play monopoly as well…..i would love to see more life updates

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