Fun Friday Four

Fun Friday Four!!

Hello my dear readers! Are you ready for another ‘fun friday four’ post? Ok Let’s do it!

Oh yeah wait. I really owe you guys an apology for not posting my ‘Thursday Theatre’ yesterday. 😦 I was busy. Personal reasons! Sorry!

Anyways, where were we? Ahhhh.

Featured film!!

Annie (1982)

Annie (1982): a bizarre, patriotic portrait of capitalist white America

Ahhhh! This movie is packed with fun and songs and mischief!! There is also a recent version (2014) of this one. I haven’t seen it yet XD. But this 1982 movie is splendid! It’s about a red haired 10 year old orphan girl named Annie who creates mischief…. but usually she means the best. One day, a woman comes to select an orphan to live for a week with a billionaire, Mr. Warbucks. Soon, Mr. Warbucks begins to grow fond of Annie. Everyone did. And in the end, after a very exciting kidnap, Mr. Warbucks adopts Annie!! Whoop whooop! All the actors play their roles wonderfully… and all the dancing is amazing! Watch it!!

here is the trailer

One warning: One character (Miss Hannigan) who is the one who cares for all the orphan girls, is a drunk and flirts alot.

Featured fiction!!

The Spy by James Fenimore Cooper

The Spy (The World At War) eBook: Cooper, James Fenimore: Kindle  Store

This an excellent and educational novel! I had to read it as an assignment for school, and I actually enjoyed it! The author describes everything very beautifully but the plot and what is actually happening can be kinda complicated. Nevertheless, if you want to learn a bit more about the American revolution, but you don’t want read boring articles, this book filled with mystery and romance might help you! I also wrote an essay. If you are interested I will be happy if you read it!

The Spy by James Fenimore Cooper

The Spy by James Fenimore Cooper is a book about the revolutionary war in America during the 1700s. It was published in 1821. The book consists of 35 chapters and about 250 pages. This novel is basically fiction… but also very historically accurate. It’s main theme is the idea of espionage and mistaken identity. The pain of being mistaken by dear ones and not trusted is the message which the author might want to bring across to the readers.

At the beginning of the Revolutionary War, Harvey Birch, a peddler, becomes a spy for the American side. Because of the extremely secret nature of Birch’s work, few Americans are aware of his true mission. As a matter of fact, they suspect that he is a British spy. The inhabitants of the county pretend to possess a neutrality they do not feel. This is the case of Mr. Wharton, a British secret supporter, who at the news of war retires to his country estate with his two daughters, Sarah and Frances, and their aunt, Miss Jeanette Peyton.

Their peaceful days are interrupted by the arrival of Henry Wharton, Mr. Wharton’s son and a captain in the British army. The young man wears a disguise in order to cross the American lines safely. But during the arrival of Henry, a stranger, who addressed himself as Mr. Harper, stays with the family. He somehow recognizes Henry through his disguise, but promises not to tell anyone. Then after Harper left, a troop of Virginia calvary come looking for a man with Harper’s description.

When the American soldiers enter Mr. Wharton’s house, they discover Henry. Captain Lawton, in command of the troop, sees through Henry’s disguise. The captain is certain that Henry is a spy because he knows that Birch recently visited the Whartons. Not certain what to do, Captain Lawton consults his superior, Major Peyton Dunwoodie, who is interested not only in Henry but also in Henry’s sister, Frances. She pleads with her lover for Henry’s release.

To make the situation more heartbreaking and difficult, Frances finds out that one of her friend and relative, Isabella, loves Major Dunwoodie too. So Frances starts to avoid Dunwoodie, and Dunwoodie is heartbroken, not understanding the reason for Frances cruelty. But in a fire, Isabella is killed, and confesses at her dying moment that she loved Dunwoodie, but that she wanted to serve her country first and foremost.

In the end, Frances and Dunwoodie get married. Henry is saved, after a long series of court trials, with countless ups and downs, with the help of Harvey Birch. Birch is visited by some American generals, and rewarded for serving faithfully as a spy. Birch refuses the reward, and joins the battle. He is killed while happily serving his country. Peace is finally restored.

Overall, The Spy is a very inspiring and interesting book. It helps the readers get a better understanding and experience of the Revolutionary War. The author uses unique and descriptive words, which enhances the reader’s vocabulary. He creates the perfect mix of drama, history, and romance. I really recommend this book to teens and even adults. Because so much can be learned, contrary to fairy tales. The Spy by James Fenimore Cooper is definetly one of the most interesting and dramatic novels ever.


As always, some inspiring quotes and a movie recommendation!

Overcomer (2019)

Overcomer Movie Review

Ahhh! I just love this movie so much! It’s so beautiful! It’s about a teen named Hannah who loves running, but she has asthma. Both her parents are dead. Or at least, that is what she thinks and is told by her grandma who takes care of her. Hannah decides to join the cross country track. Her coach and his wife are very kind. One day, when the coach visited the hospital, he came across a sick blind man. After meeting several times, and becoming good friends, the coach suddenly puts the pieces of the puzzle together and finds out that the man was Hannah’s dad! Hannah meets her dad for the first time, but it doesn’t go well. But soon, Hannah comes to christ, and decides to forgive her dad. Slowly their bond is restored. It turned out that her dad was a very good runner. So with the help of her dad….. Ok I won’t tell any more! It’s very touching! I actually cried several times lol.

here is the trailer!

Featured friendz!!

Today, I would like to tell you guys about two amazing people : Sara and Srisha!


Sara is such an amazing friend and a fantastic blogger! She has one of the most aesthetic and creative blog! I fell in love with it right away! Go check it out! Her writing skills are 100% wowowow!! She has a very positive and kind character! And she always spreads so much positive and aesthetic vibes! I am very thankful to know you Sara!


Btw, her graphic designs are amazing ❤

I don’t know how I could do without her sweet and fun comments! She is always positive and fun and sweet and kind ahhhh! One of the best friend evah! Everyone will agree with me! You won’t regret checking out her blog! I don’t know why, but somehow whenever Srisha is there, everyone is happy and feels like laughing XD I guess it’s just Srisha’s amazing and positive character! Her blog? Just as amazing as her! I wish I had known about her earlier! Love you Shasha!


That’s all for today’s post! I hope you enjoyed!! Toodles!


38 thoughts on “Fun Friday Four!!”

      1. That’s great!! I’m fine!! Quite busy…. so I apologize if I am late in replying to all your sweet comments and not checking out your posts!! 😢
        Love, Amy❤❤❤❤


  1. What a fun post, and there was a lot I could connect to. I loved Anniie. I’ve only seen the Broadway play on PBS Television, never saw the movie. I hear both are good.
    Cooper is one of my favorite authors because I did a graduate school project on his five Leatherstocking tales. Five novels in all, and a hero named Natty Bumpo, of all things! No, I’m not making this up! I also wrote a twenty page paper on “The New/Modern Woman of the American Frontier” which was a lot of work and a lot of fun research.
    Your memes are lovely, as are your featured friends. I think it is amazing how you promote other people’s blogs. I must remember to do that!
    The thing I learn from you girls…

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  2. MIMI, I LOVE YOU TOO. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDSSSSSSSSSSSS, LIKE SO SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH! *MWAH MWAH* Aww, I feel TREMENDOUSLY HAPPY that you mentioned me in your wonderful blog and I screenshotted your words..heheheh. I always, like ALWAYS smile at your posts! That is literally such an awesome thing for your to say about me honestly I feel…I feel…I dunno, I feel just so great! This is just awesome that you said this to me, now LET ME list the things I love about you!
    – I LOVE YOU.
    Lovely qoutes, and OH MAH GAWD, YOU’RE JUST SOOOOO SWEEEEETTT!!! AHHH, I CAN’T! OH MAH GAWD, I COULD HUG THE SWEET LIKE OUTTA YOU RIGHT NOW. You’re awesoe=me, and I love you and AWESOME POST! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooox

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    1. WOAHHH! This is probably the longest comment I’ve ever had XD!
      i LOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEE you SOOOOOO much too Shasha! YOU ARE JUST TOO SWEEETTTT! Like guys! This is what I mean when I say Srisha is so sweet and bursting with positivity!
      Awwh! You even screenshotted the words!! You are so smart for one thing 😉
      Guess what I screenshotted your comment because OH MY GOODNESS YOU ARE JUST TOO SWEET! I am so thankful to have someone like you Shasha! <3<3<3
      It was nothing! Come on! I just said a few words about you that were 100% true!
      Love, Mimi

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