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Sunday Sharing- A fantastic guest post!!

Hello!! Happy sunday!! I hope you all had a great week!! Today, for ‘Sunday sharing’, I bring you a beautiful guest post written by our dear friend…. Maggie!! If you haven’t followed her, please do!! Amazing blog and an amazing friendly and kind blogger!!

3 Tips For When You’re Entering A New Season of Your Life

Hi guys! It’s Maggie from Chickadee Lover Maggie! Thanks so much to Amy for allowing me to guest post on her blog! I’m really excited about this opportunity to share what I’ve written with you today. 😊

So for a bit of time now, I’ve been transitioning into a different season of my life! I love that it’s happening at the same time we’re entering fall here in the United States – that makes it even more special. 😂🧡

I thought I’d talk about that today to connect with anyone else who’s also going through changes in their life, because it’s exciting and new and unknown! I’m pretty sure we always benefit from knowing others are experiencing something similar to what we’re also facing, especially when it’s challenging and something that takes time. 😊❤️

Here are some things I’ve learned as I have been entering this new season of my own life!

1. Some things change of their own accord around you, and some things you get to change yourself. Learning about and accepting which kind of change it is takes time, but it’s totally worth it! I love that I’m noticing the positive differences that are in my life that I don’t have any part in, as well as the things I’m part of making new myself.

2. Let go of the old so you can grasp and fall in love with the new. I’ve been donating, rearranging, working through, and changing my surroundings, various aspects of hobbies, and how I approach my day so that everything reflects who I am today and what my mission is. That mission is to grow alongside my family, heal, and contribute to the journey we’re traveling together. 💖

3. Time is your absolute best friend. There have been moments when I wished I could fast-forward into the future and skip the transition part 😂 but there would be no growth or learning in that! While I’d love to already arrive at this mental destination I have in my head (which I picture as being a point in the near future where I’ve already finished making all of the changes and adjustments I’m working on today), I’m also finding immense pleasure and joy in the journey. Don’t allow the destination to hinder your focus on the time it takes to get there. ❤️ Live in today, learn from yesterday, and be excited about tomorrow!

Thank you so much for reading this short and sweet post! I can’t express just how wonderful it feels to be in this changing of seasons point in my life and my family’s life as a whole. Every day, I’m excited about each little thing I’m experiencing today, and also anticipating what will be tomorrow. I’m growing as a person – the daughter, big sister, and blogger friend that I am. I’m really enjoying it and I would encourage you to love your life as it shifts and changes around you, too! Whether you can 100% relate to the big changes I’ve touched on in this post, or you’re just noticing small changes here and there in your life right now, the human experience is an ever-shifting journey. We’re here to learn, grow, love others, and enjoy the ride! I hope you have a beautiful day! 💜

This was a fantastic post Maggie!! Thank you so much for submitting it!!

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That’s all for today’s post!! Thank you for reading and have a great week ahead!! Toodles!!