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Sunday Sharing Guest post!!!

Hey y’all!! Whassup? What is wrong with me

Anyways today we have splendiferous guest post from the magnificentest blogger and friend, D (Introverted thoughts)!!!

Are you ready? I’m so excited to show it to you guys!! I fell in love with it!!

I would just like to mention how she explained it:

This poem is titled Fear and it is about how fear weakens a person and all it requires is a strong will to believe in ourselves.


A rainy day was it
When he decided to pay a visit.
He brought with him
An army of
Past mistakes and painful failures.
Their words and deeds 
Pierced her core,
Poisoning her dreams and 
Weakening her faith.
Like the earth that welcomed the rain,
She welcomed his presence
And embraced his guests.
A nasty day was it,
When she opened her mind
To fear.
All it would take was 
A strong will
To keep that door barred
Forever more.

Did you like it? Or love it? Tell me and D in the comments!!

Remember, guest posting is open!! You can submit a post about ANYTHING. You can submit it to!! The deadline is Oct 31!! I am eagerly waiting!!

That’s all for today’s post!! I hope you have a pleasant sunday and a great new week ahead!! Toodles!!


Double Virtual Giveaway!

Hey guys!! Listen up!! There is some exciting news on my dear friend, Haley’s blog!! 🎊🎊Go check it out!!🤗

P.S. If you haven’t followed her, please do!! Her blog is amazing! 😍And she herself is so kind!!❤

My Life of Faith

Hello everybody!

So, I am here to celebrate 100+ followers! Thank you to all who have followed me recently!

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So, this is a double virtual giveaway! I chose to do something online because I have blogging friends who live in other countries, therefore they would not be able to enter a physical giveaway. I came up with this idea last night while in the shower.

Anyways, you are probably wondering what the world I am talking about, or maybe you have guessed from the feature image.

I came up with two ideas.

#1 Guest Posting giveaway

How this will work is, you comment below saying you want to enter #1, I will enter you, if you win, you will contact me through the “Contact” page, and I will send you an email…

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