Double Virtual Giveaway!

Hey guys!! Listen up!! There is some exciting news on my dear friend, Haley’s blog!! 🎊🎊Go check it out!!🤗

P.S. If you haven’t followed her, please do!! Her blog is amazing! 😍And she herself is so kind!!❤

My Life of Faith

Hello everybody!

So, I am here to celebrate 100+ followers! Thank you to all who have followed me recently!

I made this image with Canva! ( all images in this post are made with Canva)

So, this is a double virtual giveaway! I chose to do something online because I have blogging friends who live in other countries, therefore they would not be able to enter a physical giveaway. I came up with this idea last night while in the shower.

Anyways, you are probably wondering what the world I am talking about, or maybe you have guessed from the feature image.

I came up with two ideas.

#1 Guest Posting giveaway

How this will work is, you comment below saying you want to enter #1, I will enter you, if you win, you will contact me through the “Contact” page, and I will send you an email…

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