Fun Friday Four

Fun Friday Four #10!!

Hello!! Happy Friday!! Why did I even say that? Anyways, welcome back to another ‘Fun Friday Four’!! Let’s get started!!

Featured Film!!

Little Rascals save the day!

I think most of you have seen this before!! It is so fun and full of pranks and adventures of a group of friends. Ahhh you should def watch it!! It. Is. So. Fun. It also happens that one member of the team, likes a girl named Darla. But there is this rich kid named Waldo who always messes up things. There is an officer named Kennedy, who likes their school teacher, Miss Junebug. But everytime they try to go an a date, the kids innocently mess it up. They really didn’t mean to!! But whst happens next? Find out for yourself guys!!

the trailer!

Featured fiction!!

Camille and Madeleine by Countess de Ségur (translated by Stephanie Smee)

This is one of my fav… since I was 6 or 7. It was originally written in French, but is also available in English!! It’ not very popular, so I wanna share it with you!! It is a thrilling story about two sisters and their friends’ adventures….

Camille and Madeleine are two perfect girls living with their mother at Château Fleurville. One day, they witness an accident, and rush to the spot to find a little girl along with her unconcious badly wounded mother. The little girl, Marguerite, ends up staying, and becoming almost part of the family.

When Sophie comes to stay, she tries to behave as well as her friends. But being a perfect little girl prooves more difficult than she imagined….


As usual!! A movie recommendation at the end!

Facing the Giants (2006)

This is such an amazing movie guys!! It tells the story of an unmotivated football (American) team, who has given up ever winning a tournament. But the coach pushes them hard, and creates a bible group. They start playing with new strength, not for themselves, but for the Lord!! They start winning…. but then they have to face the team GIANTS. The undisputed champion for years. And then they—– ok I ain’t telling!!

Featured friendz!!

Rose E (Green Mountain girl)

Rose E is such a sweet and kind blogger!! Her blog is l.o.v.e.l.y just like her!! Her posts are always fun filled! And you can expect some delicious recipes too!! I am so thankful to know someone like Rose!! She is truly a beautiful Rose blooming in this crazy world!!

Mary Elizabeth

I think many of you know her? I’m not surprised because she is so positive and helpful!! Her blog is a.m.a.z.i.n.g and she even designs blog buttons, make-overs etc!! If you need someone to design than she‘s the one to call!! (And Evin too!! They both are awesome!)

Remember, guest posting is open!! You can submit a post about ANYTHING. You can submit it to!! The deadline is Oct 31!! I am eagerly waiting!!

Ok!! That’s all for today guys!! Toodles!!

35 thoughts on “Fun Friday Four #10!!”

  1. I used to love Little Rascals save the day!! Its so fun filled, and reminds me of Mary Poppins I dont know why😂🙈

    And Camille and Madeleine looks lovely. I dont remember having seen that🤔💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow!! That’s awesome!!😄
      Camille and Madeleine is actually a french book, so it is not very popular in english yet😂 but I think you would love it!!😉
      Thank you for commenting and following!!🤗❤
      How should I call you? Brin?
      Love, Amy


      1. Ooh maybe so🤔😂 And thank you back!😁
        Everyone here calls me Brin (though I know that’s more of an accidental pen name😂🙄) but still I suppose it’ll do. Nice to meet you, Amy!💕🤗

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Nowadays, i don’t have much time to watch movies, except on sundays!! 🤗but I love sharing the movies which I watched when I was smaller…. when I was smaller, we watched a movie every day!! Lol!! 😂So i know alot of movies!!😎

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes!!😂 Nowadays, i don’t have much time to watch movies, except on sundays!! 🤗but I love sharing the movies which I watched when I was smaller…. when I was smaller, we watched a movie every day!! Lol!! 😂So i know alot of movies!!😎


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