Fun Friday Four

Fun Friday Four #11!!!

Hello!! I hope you are all doing well and are safe!! I would like to apologise for not posting yesterday’s ‘thursday theatre’…… I didn’t have time to record…. and I didn’t know what song to sing….. song suggestions please? Anyways, Here goes another fun friday four!!

Featured film!!

Stuart Little 1 & 2

I think majority of you know who is ‘Stuart Little’!! Well, if you don’t, you should know that he is a mouse!! Who is adopted by the ‘Little’ (last name) family. So these two movies are about him!! It all started from a wonderful book called ‘Stuart Little’ (I mean obviously right XD) by E. B. White!! To make things even more fun, both movies are real life (meaning not cartoon lol) and the actors are amazing!! The little brother, George, is so cute!

Stuart Little 1

So here is a little review and summary of the whole movie. This movie is mostly about him trying to fit in the family and make friends with the house pet cat, Snowbell. Snowbell’s friends (cats obviously) tease him a lot that ‘a mouse has a pet cat’. Then Snowbell decides to help his friends in kidnapping Stuart… and then eating him. But of course that won’t happen!! Otherwise why would there be Stuart Little ‘2’?

Stuart Little 2

So basically, in this movie, he makes friends with a pretty bird named ‘Margalo’. They fall in love (wait what?! A mouse and a bird?! Never mind.) But Margalo is actually a thief belonging to the evil Falcon. Now what should Margalo do? Betray her friend? Or get killed by Falcon? Unfortunately , she chooses betraying him. But Stuart won’t give up. He sets out with his trusty friend, Snowbell (yes, the same cat who wanted to kill him lol)

Featured fiction!!

Pollyanna by Eleanor H. Porter

This is an amazing book!! But for today, I decided to let my younger sister, Gelina (I hope you have followed her blog), write the review since she just read the book herself!! Let’s hear her opinion!!

I loved reading ‘Pollyanna’ because it was so exciting and fun filled!! She has a game called the “Just be Glad” game. You have to find something in everything to be glad about. When her father dies, she goes to live with strict Aunt Polly. Pollyanna teaches the “game” to the whole and even Aunt Polly starts being glad!! Well, that’s just about everything! I hope you enjoy the book!!

~ Gelina

Thank you so much Gelina for sharing!! I think you wrote it wonderfully!!


You already probably know the routine!!

Ben Hur (1959)

This is an amazing movie!! But one warning, I would rate this for 12+ because it can be a bit hard to understand and because of a few disgusting bloody scenes. Some people might be fine with this, but those who can’t stand blood, careful!!

Anyways, it’s a long movie (4 hours hehe) about a prince named Ben Hur who was tortured and punished for 4 years because he took the blame for an accident his sister did. He had to become a slave rower in the Roman galleys (war ships). One day, during a battle, their ship got rammed… and it started sinking. And guess what, he saved the life of the Roman commander, even though he hated him.

Soon they became very close, and the Roman commander, who was a very powerful ruler, adopted Ben hur as a son and heir. Now Ben Hur was living the life of prince again! But he needed to find out where was his mother and sister? He set off…. And after joining a horse race, killing his childhood bestfriend, he discovered that his mother and sister were lepers (if you have never heard of leprosy, look it up!! I am thankful that that disease isn’t around anymore). They looked like living corpses. They would surely die soon. His whole world was falling apart… who could possibly help?


I have three announcements!!

Firstly, I am happy to say that our beloved blogger and friend, Shanessa, is back again!!

Secondly, I would really appreciate some song suggestions for me to play on the piano or sing for the ‘thursday theatre’!!

Thirdly, guest posting is still open!! You can submit a post about ANYTHING. You can submit it to!! The deadline is Oct 31!! I am eagerly waiting!!

That was all for today!! Have a pleasant weekend!! Toodles!!