Fun Friday Four

Fun Friday Four #12!!

Hi guys!! How is your week going? I hope you are doing great and you are staying home!!

Featured film!!!

Garfield (2004) and Garfield- a tale of two kitties (2006)

These movies are hilarious and I’m sure all ages will enjoy them!! Garfield is a fat lazy funny orange cat who LOVES lasagna. There are two movies, Garfield, and Garfield- A tale of two kitties.

Garfield (2004)

So well, this movie is basically about when Garfield’s owner, Jon, falls in love with a vet named Liz. But Liz is very busy, so Jon offered to take care of her dog, Odie. Garfield doesn’t like this… but they soon become friends. And…. the adventure starts!!

Garfield- a tale of two kitties (2006)

I personally like this movie way more!! It is the story of a funny mixup between Garfield and the prince of England. Yes, a cat. To make it funnier, both cats look the same. And the owners don’t suspect anything. Until trouble happens.

Jon, Liz, Odie, and Garfield travel to London, where the mixup takes place. Soon, both the cats team up and create a genius plan.

Featured fiction!!!

The Fragile Flag by Jane Langton

This is an inspiring and fun book!! Especially Americans will love it! It follows the march and inspiring protest of a young girl against the replacement of the American flag and also of a global nuclear bomb. There was also a letter writing competition to the president, Toby. Then mischievous vain Veronica steps in too.

I’m not sure how to summarize everything…. so this is what I got from the book itself:

When Georgie Hall decides to walk from Concord, Massachusetts, to Washjngton D.C., with a letter to the president and an old flag capable of producing magical visions, no one doubts that she has the ability to do it. Along with her step cousins, Eleanor and Eddy, (and crush, Robert Toby), Georgie begins the Children’s Crusade to stop the president from building a globally fatal nuclear bomb, known as the Peace Missile. But 450 miles is a long way to walk, and even as the Crusade picks up new members along the way, its marchers can’t help but wonder if their actions will make a difference… or if its already too late…..


You know the drill- some verses and a movie recommendation!

Letters to God

This is a very touching movie!! It’s about a 10 year old boy, named Tyler, who has cancer. It’s also kinda sad because.. nevermind…. you can find out what happens by yourself!! It follows his ups and downs in his journey of cancer… The main thing revolving round his letters mailed to ‘God….. it changes so many peoples’ lives… especially the postman in who’s hands the letters are kept. It is so beautiful!! And guess what, it’s on YouTube for free!

Here’s the link if you want to watch it: enjoy!!

Featured friendz!!!

Vincent Ehindero!!!

Vincent is a really kind and positive friend and blogger! Not to mention funny too!! His posts are awesome positive and funny and he is an amazing friend too! Guys! Follow his awesome blog!! And feel free to leave a comment… and get a unique reply!! Vince, I’m really thankful for our friendship!! Keep being so encouraging!

Jasmine Rose!!!

Sorry that it’s not very clear:(

Jasmine is a beautiful blogger and friend, inside and out!! Her personality is so sweet and thoughtful!! She is very unique, her faith and lifestyle is an inspiration!! Her blog is filled with awesome and helpful posts! I’m so glad for her friendship! If you need encouragement or advice, ask her, she is very understanding!!


That’s all!! Toodles!!

P.S. Guys!! Please check out Friends of Faith!! You won’t regret it! And LTBL!! It’s so cool and helpful! Struggling in blogging? Need some tips? Go to LTBL!!


22 thoughts on “Fun Friday Four #12!!”

  1. Awwwww Amy!! You are the sweetest! 🥰 Thank you SO much for your kind words!! 💕😍 I am so glad to have your beautiful friendship! 💕
    Yes, Vincent is such a beautiful person! I will always recommend his blog!!
    Ah, I loved Garfield movies as a kid! 😆 Such fun movies! 🐈🍝
    And Letters To God was such a beautiful movie! I watched it a few years ago but I have never forgotten it. ❤
    Have a lovely day! 💕

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Awwwh it was nothing!! You are a precious friend!! And your blog is awesome, so I just had to share it!!
      Garfield is so funny!🤣😂
      Oh that’s great!! Yup, it’s an unforgettable movie!!😍
      Have a great weekend and Sabbath!!😘😇


  2. I love the Garfield movies and comics! I watched the movies as a child and those are some fond memories!😂 The Fragile Flag sounds like a wonderful book!
    I think your Bible verses were really poignant and amazing!
    And Jasmine is an incredible person! I love reading her blog posts as well!🥳💕
    Lovely post, Amy!!🤗💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Garfield is really funny!! I love the comics too!!😂
      Awwwh thanks D!!☺
      Have a great weekend❤ (even though I know you are busy with school, I at least hope you can relax and do something fun!!😉😘)
      Love, Amy

      Liked by 1 person

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