Fun Friday Four

Fun Friday Four #13 by…..

Hi!! Welcome back to our fun friday four! Today…. we have someone special with us…… Haley from @My Life of Faith! (Go check out her blog pleease?) I am soooo excited! What do you think she has prepared for us? The whole fun friday four post!! Yippee!!

I am so delighted that Haley has asked to write this post…. so are you ready?

Give it up for Haley!! *crowd goes wild*

Thank you so much to Amy for letting me do this! I have such a pleasure in reading Fun Friday Four and I thought it would be fun to write one myself. I reached out to Amy and she was willing to let me post one on her blog! Thanks again Amy for this opportunity.

Without further ado, on to the post!

Featured Film

Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken (1991)

I love this movie! Well, it is about horses… and I love horses… so yeah. That is one of the reasons I love it! 

Here’s the trailer

This is a movie about determination, grit, and wild dreams. Set during the Great Depression, you need those things to keep going. Sonora is a girl who doesn’t give up easily, and that being said, she is an orphan, who makes the choice to run away. Sonora ends up with a dream to become a diving girl. But does she have what it takes?
Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken is a beautiful film about dreams being fulfilled through hard work and stubborn determination. This film is considered a romance, but it is a family friendly romance. As for romantic “stuff”, there is some hugging and kissing, as well as some added drama with letter writing. The movie is not a Christian movie, but there isn’t much bad language. There is one seen in which a character dies, but it is not a violent death, nor is a dead person actually shown. In parts of the movie people do act or speak roughly with Sonora, but in my opinion there isn’t anything too bad. If you are afraid of blood, you will want to look away when Sonora gets a bloody nose. 

Overall I love this movie, and I recommend you give it a try! You can rent it on YouTube or Amazon Prime.

Featured Fiction

Wonder by RJ Palacio

Wonder is an awesome story about August Pullman who was born with facial differences. The book takes place in his first year of going to a “regular” school (he was homeschooled). The book is told from different view points throughout, which makes it really interesting because you get to hear what other characters think of Auggie and how he affects their lives. I love this book and have read it several times. It is such a sweet story of transformation. You must give this book a read if you haven’t already!

Featured Faith

*no images are my own

These are verses that have brought me help and comfort in hard times!

Grace Unplugged

I watched this movie with my youth group, and I think it is a truly inspirational movie. The story is a bit like the Prodigal Son story in the Bible. I loved watching this movie.

Featured Friends

Emmie @ Diary of A Day Dreamer

I love  Emmie’s fun blog and I have learned more about ballet since I followed her. 

Maggie @ Maggie’s Doodles

Maggie is an awesome encouragement. She has a fun blog where she post doodles, book reviews and fun life style posts! I love reading a new post from her blog, and she is an amazing writer! Be sure to check out her blog!

All right everyone! That’s the end of this post! Thanks again Amy for letting me do this!

❤ Haley

Thank you soooo much Haley for writing this really fun post!! You did AMAZING! I loved it!

PLEASE go and check out my latest photoshoot post in frost flower!!! Want to know what it’s about? Click here and here! Thank you soooo much if you have already followed! But still only 10 followers 😦

That’s all for today! I hope you enjoyed as much as I did! Be sure to comment if you know any of those movies or books! Also, if YOU would like to write a fun friday four, please feel free to tell me in the comments or email me at! Toodles!


23 thoughts on “Fun Friday Four #13 by…..”

  1. Awesome!! I lived this guest fun Friday four 🤩 great job Haley!!
    And Amy, 10 followers is great! You only started like a week ago right?
    I took me a month to get to 22 followers on my travel blog 😂 so I’m sure you’ll have more readers as you blog!🤗

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes!! Amazing job by Haley!
      Oh! I just realized that! You’re right! I guess I am just expecting too much… I should give it time XD
      Awwh thanks for those kind encouraging words Evin!
      Have a great weekend! ❤
      Love, Amy

      Liked by 2 people

  2. AWESOME AWESOME!!! Doesn’t matter about the followers but matters about the blog, you attractiveness of writings and you being real overall! Your Fun Friday Tours are always legit and once again, WONDER. IS. ABSOLUTELY. FREAKING. AWESOMAZING. I SWEAR TO GOD, I’M TELLING Y’ALL.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Great post! I loved the faith section! I just followed your side blog Amy!! I meant to earlier but i forgot to follow… 😳😂! Great job Haley and Amy!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. This was a loly guest post! Thanks Amy for letting it happen.
    I LOVED Wonder and copied the list of the “precepts” the teacher had, then wrote my own. Where they are now is a good question! BTW, the movie with Sandra Bullock was ALMOST as good as the book. Every teacher should read it!

    Liked by 1 person

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