the first waffle wednesday! fall pics :)

frost flower

hello dear readers! welcome to frost flower! to know what this blog is about, please go here and here!

before we continue, i suggest that you go to the actual site for a more real experiance! Ok, are you there? Ok, please click play, and listen to some vintage fall music while you read the post!

today we will be having a fun fall photoshoot! over october and november, i have been taking some pics! and i decided to show you!

and before you get confused, no, waffle wednesday is not about waffles! it’s just a weekly series where we talk about something fun while we eat some waffles. that reminds me! here are your waffles!

take as much as you like! ok, now, while you are eating those sweet syrupy waffles, and enjoying the music, i’ll show you the pics!

i don’t actually have fall, so this is…

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