Fun Friday Four

Fun Friday Four #14

Hello! Welcome to another post on Amy’sMusica! 🙂

Oh yeah…. A very happy BELATED Diwali!! 😉 (that’s why the featured image thing lol)

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Ok! Now onto the Fun Friday Four!

Featured film!!

The Adventures of Ociee Nash (2003)

the trailer 😉

This movies is sooo fun and is on Youtube for free! It’s about a sweet (but kinda unmannered boyish) 10 year old girl named Ociee Nash. She lives with her father and two brothers. She doesn’t have a mother, so she grows up without learning much ladylike manners XD She even makes friends with a really funny gypsy and meets the president and Nellie Bly!

So her father decides to send her to her aunt. I was expecting a strict aunt, but the aunt is kind, and was actually very boyish and rough as a child. They get along well, but Ociee hates wearing dresses. She gets homesick. But she is brave… and even saves her friend in a fire….

this is the full movie if you want to watch it! Enjoy!

Featured Fiction!!

I decided that I would love to hear a book recommendation and review from my dear friend D @IntrovertedThoughts! So let’s give it up to her!

Black Beauty by Anna Sewell

“Black Beauty by Anna Sewell is considered to be one of the first fictional animal autobiographies. I loved the way the whole story was narrated from the horse’s perspective. All those detailed descriptions and tales, some of which were heartbreaking all came together at the end. I would definitely recommend this book to all ages; it’s an incredibly beautiful story.”

Thank you so much D! You did perfect! I loved it! 🙂


Some beautiful bible verses, and a movie recommendation at the end!

Treasures of the Snow (1980)

This movie is really beautiful and fun as well! It’s not exactly all about faith, non christians will enjoy it too! It’s based on the book by Patricia St. John. It’s available free on YouTube as well! It’s about Annette, who hates a boy named Lucien…. because he caused Annette’s little brother to have an accident and become lame. It was actually an accident, but Annette blames Lucien for everything, spreads rumours about him and makes him miserable. But Lucien apologizes and still helps Annette despite everything…

the full movie!!

Featured Friendz!!

Shoutout to two amazing guy bloggers! Vincent and Benji!

I would love it if you checked out this post by Vincent (go check him out… he’s awesome) about a really awesome and very young blogger named Benji! He is very inspiring! Please go show some support! 🙂

here’s the link to the post-

and the link to Benji’s Blog-


That’s all for today’s post!! See you next week! Have a lovely weekend! Toodles! 🙂