Hello hello!! Thank you so much for coming over to this page! Hmmm…. how should I describe myself?

My name is Amy 🙂

I am a tween who loves music, baking, movies, books, and Jesus! That is mostly what my posts are about! I do covers, piano covers, and I do a weekly post called ‘Fun Friday Four’ which includes- fiction, film, faith and friendz!! I hope you enjoy it! I also do a ‘Thursday Theatre’ series sometimes. (theatre meaning singing lol)


6 thoughts on “About”

    1. Awwh thanks Neria! I’ll be posting it as soon as possible!
      It means a lot! So lovely to hear from you again Neria! I apologize for missing many of your posts… I reall have to catch up 😦
      Love, Amy

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      1. Haha me too!😅
        Happy Thanksgiving btw!!❤🧡💛
        I am so thankful to be your friend, you are so sweet and thoughtful Neria!!🥰💛😘
        Have a lovely day!
        Love, Amy

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