Fun Friday Four

Fun Friday Four #19 || MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS MY LOVELIES!!!! Our long wait has finally ended!! Merry christmas merry christmas! I feel like shouting and jumping up and down!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone! | News Post Page

Let’s fill the comments with warm wishes to each other, and don’t hesitate to share how you celebrate!!!

Anyways, welcome to another fun friday four!

Featured film!!

Pete’s Christmas (2013)

This hilarious and fun movie is luckily on YouTube for free! Maybe you can watch it with your family today!!

(Gelina did a great review of this movie too. Here’s the post.)

It’s about a 14 year old guy named Pete who has the WORST christmas ever. His parents even forget his gift! Then his grandpa gives him a box…. with nothing. Yeah, thanks for nothing huh. It turns out that it is magic…. and the next days are all the same christmas replayed over and over…. Pete is really frustrated… who wants to relive their worst christmas over and over? But his grandpa tells him that it’s a blessing, now he can change something! Slowly by slowly, everyday he improves a little something that went wrong on the first christmas…..

It’s so funny and beautiful at the same time! Recommended for all ages! Enjoy! 😉


Some christmassy verses!

ABC's of Christmas - P | Isaiah 9:6 | Christmas scripture, Christmas  prayer, Christmas bible


Let’s fill the comments with warm wishes to each other, and don’t hesitate to share how you celebrate!!!

That wraps up today’s post! Once again, MERRY CHRISTMAS y’all!! Stay safe and God bless! Toodles!

50 Best Christmas Bible Verses - Beautiful Scriptures & Holiday Quotes

Fun Friday Four

Fun Friday Four #18!!


Anyways, I can’t believe we have got to Fun Friday Four #18! 18?!? I’m shouting alot right now

Featured Film!!

Samantha – An American girl holiday

This is such a beautiful christmassy movie!! And it’s on Youtube! And guess what? The lead character, Samantha, is played by AnnaSophia Robb,

who played Violet in ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ (check more about here),

Bethany in ‘Soul Surfer’ (check out that movie here)

and Opal in ‘Because of Winn-Dixie’ (learn more about that movie over here);

which are three other movies I just LOVE!! She’s an amazing actress!

this is the full movie for those of you who want to watch it!

Anyways, it’s about girl named Samantha, who lives with her grandmother, “Grandmary”, in a beautiful wealthy place, New York, in 1904. But Samantha is lonely. Then, a poor girl named Nellie, a maid, about Samantha’s age, moves into the house next-door with her father and two younger sisters named Bridget and Jenny. Samantha, despite being rich, is an unspoiled, kind girl. She soon becomes best friends with Nellie, teaching her to read and sharing Nellie’s household tasks such as carpet beating, darning, and other small jobs.

Soon, Samantha’s favoirite person, Uncle Gardner, pays a visit with his surprise- his new fiancé Cornelia. Uncle Gard announces that he and Cornelia are engaged. Samantha is unhappy by this turn of events but agrees to be the bridesmaid for the wedding. Soon after, Samantha moves to New York to attend a new school.

After Nellie’s father dies, she and her little sisters Bridget and Jenny are sent to a terrible orphanage run by a thieving matron. Samantha cleverly rescues the girls and hides them at home. Nellie secretly takes a job in a factory to support her little sisters. Samantha goes to find her, and witnesses the horrible conditions and cruelty in the factory. She bravely speaks out against the cruelty of child labor at her school.

Eventually, Samantha’s Uncle Gard and his new wife Cornelia adopt the orphan sisters, on Christmas. The last scenes are so beautiful! The christmas love and Samantha become sisters with Nellie!

Featured fiction!

In the comments, would love to hear what is your fav christmas book!!


Some christmassy verses!!


I will be continuing the ‘best collab blogs‘ shoutouts!!

Last time, I gave a shoutout to Addie and Neria‘s amazing collab blog, ‘Life in Pyjamas‘!

Today, we have…..

Out in the Randomness by Evin & Lrose!!

Evin= amazing awesome cool funny. Lrose= amazing cute positive awesome. Evin+Lrose = AMAZING AWESOME FUNNY COOL CUTE POSITIVE blog!! I love all their ‘random’ posts!! Go check it out!


Well, that was all for today’s post! Don’t forget to let me know in the comments: are you excited for christmas???!?! What is your favorite christmas book? Do you like the signoff made by Kaelyn?

(Loving this preetteeee signoff made by Kaelyn!! Thank you so much sis!! <3)

Fun Friday Four

Fun Friday Four #17

Hello lovely readers!!

Today we are having another fun friday four!

Featured film!!!

The Grinch (2018)

Ahhhhh!!! My favorite christmas movie of all time!!! OF ALL TIME! Who agrees?

This lovely, heart-warming, funny, touching and even RHYMING movie, based on a book by Dr. Seuss has captured the hearts of both young and old for many years.

Of course, it’s about a very grumpy unsocial creature called the GRINCH, who HATES CHRISTMAS. One year, he decides that something should be done. He creeps into the town and destroys their christmas. But in the morning, to his surprise…. they still celebrate by singing! That’s another thing he hates- singing. He is touched by the singing, and he becomes friends with a sweet little girl (whose only christmas wish is for her mother to be happy… because she is always busy. isn’t that so sweet?).

Cindy Lou Who (2018) | Heroes and villians Wiki | Fandom

Soon…. the grinch makes it the best christmas ever!

Btw, he has such a CUTE PUPPY named Max!!

Max (The Grinch 2018) | Heroes Wiki | Fandom

Featured fiction!!!

For featured fiction…..

I would love to know, do you know any great christmas books? If you do, PLEASE do share it in the comments! I’m sure we all would love a great christamassy read!

reindeer costume


Some beautiful bible verses… and stay for the book recommendation at the end 😉

10 Beautiful and inspirational Christmas Bible Verses
ABC's of Christmas - P | Isaiah 9:6 | Christmas scripture, Christmas  prayer, Christmas bible

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever: Barbara Robinson: 0201564402754: Books

This is a simple, short (150 pages) but funny and nonsensical story, about the six Herdman siblings, the meanest roughest kids that ever lived. Every christmas, a pageant was arranged. But one year, the head of the management fell sick. Everyine thought that the pageant would be ruined. To everyone’s great surprise, the Herdman’s volunteered to join.

Herdman costumes | Christmas pageant, Best christmas pageant ever, Christmas  fun

While asking about the story of the nativity, the Herdman children ask all kinds of questions… which opened everyone’s eyes to the reality…. it was not just a cozy story…. e.g., that the innkeeper forced a pregnant woman and her baby to sleep in a barn, and the Holy Family were on the run from Kind Herod, who wanted the baby Jesus killed.


Everyone expected something terrible to happen at the performance…. they were not dissapointed! But it was much more different and touching that they had expected…. and they all had to agree that it had been the BEST CHRISTMAS PAGEANT EVER.

Bitmoji Image


That’s all for today’s post!! I hope you enjoyed!

P.S. A little update….. our family has COVID…. but don’t worry, we all are geting better 🙂 I myself, have not got it I think…. no symptoms yet, thank God. 😀

Thank you so much for reading! Stay safe! Toodles!

Fun Friday Four

Fun Friday Four #16

Hello!!! Welcome back to another fun friday four at Amy’sMùsica!! Let’s get started!!

Featured film!!!

The Little Princess (1939)

This is a very fun old movie, based the the famous book ‘The Little Princess‘ by Frances Hudgson Burnett. Other newer versions have been made, but I particularly like this one because of the actors and because it is on YOUTUBE for free! The girl who plays Sara Crewe, Shirly Temple, is so cute and fits her character well!! Her teacher is kind Miss Rose, who is engaged with a charming soldier, Geoffrey. Mister Geoffrey (Richard Greene) looks so handsome, with neat jet black hair, blue eyes, a dazzling smile, great voice, kind heart…. the typical 1900’s gentleman!! Sara Crewe is just so cute, with her dinples and pretty curls… but her acting is even better!

the trailer

In the movie, Sara’s father goes of to war. One day, his name appears on the list of deaths. Now Sara was completely poor, and put as a servant…. but Sara would not believe it. She searched and searched for her father…..

the full movie 🙂

Have you seen this movie before? Have you read the book? Or have you seen a newer version of it?

Featured fiction!!!

Today we have a lovely book review from Gelina!!

Journey to Jamestown by Lois Ruby

I love this book because it is told in the perspective of an English boy and a native American girl. They both have one thing in common, they are the doctors/healers of their group. Sacahocan (the native American girl) makes friends with Elias (the English boy). The English group start to go hungry, and start doing mean things to the native people.

Does Sacahocan know what the English mean to do? Will she still trust Elias? Read the book to find out!

When you finish reading Elias’s side, flip the book over to Sacahocan’s side!!

—————————–x Gelina x————-‐————————–

I love this book! Especially since it tells two stories in one story!! Thank you Gelina!!


As usual, some great bible verses…. I’m sorry, no movie recommendation today :((

Featured friendz!!!

From today onwards, I would like to tell you about some of the best collab blogs!!

Today, we are featuring….

Life in Pajamas!!!! @ Addie and Neria

Guys!! This is such an awesome blog!! The name is pure genius right?! Addie and Neria are such beautiful and sweet friends and bloggers who worked together to make this amazing blog!! They post mostly about books, recipes, photos, awards, tags and random things which is sooo fun! I’m sure you’ll love it!! Go check it out!!


That’s all for today’s post!! Hope you enjoyed!! Toodles!

Fun Friday Four

Fun Friday Four #15!!!!

Guys, I can’t believe we have got to #15!! Time flies!

And a very happy Thanksgiving to y’all!!! I hope you had a great time!!

(And I have hardly been using my bitmoji lol, so I’m gonna add alot today 😉

Featured film!!

Because of Winn-Dixie

This is such a cute movie, perfect for all ages!! It’s based on the book ‘Because of Winn-Dixie’. It’s about a girl named Opal and her preacher dad, who just moved into the town. When went to the supermarket, she met a dog who was about to be taken away. She told everyone that it was her dog. Then they asked it’s name… she had to think fast…. and so the dog was named ‘Winn-Dixie’, which was the supermarket’s name!

At first her dad and the neighbours didn’t like Winn-Dixie, but he was soon part of the family. Because of Winn-Dixie, Opal met so many new and strange people and made friends. So one day, to show how much she loves her new friends and because she discovered that people in that town didn’t like each other much, she decides to hold a party. (It looked sooo beautiful, the lanterns and lights)

But guess who comes to ruin it? Mr. Thunderstorm. And guess what is Winn-Dixie’s biggest fear? Thunder. So he runs away. Opal is devastated and tries to search for him in the pouring rain. But it was of no use. They decide to continue the party inside. They had a wonderful time, and they became closer than they ever were. But one thing was missing. Then guess who starts scratching at the door?

This looked pretty funny so I had to add it lol

Featured fiction!!

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH by Robert C. O’Brien

I love the story ‘Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH’ because it is so fun and exciting and is told from both the mouse, rat and human’s point of view. The rats are captured and brought for running experiments. They got a special type of injection everyday, and also went through courses. The result? Smart rats, who could read and write and think! They escaped from the lab and set up their own very modern life with electricity, fire, books and machines. Then, they meet Mrs. Frisby, a mouse, who is big trouble. Will they be able to help Mrs. Frisby and her little family, before they themselves are killed and their house destroyed by the humans?


There’s a book recommendation in the end this time!

In His Steps by Charles M. Sheldon

This book is so moving and real, and it might change your life like it did the characters’. One day, the preacher feels moved to ask this question- “What would Jesus do?”. He challenges his members to pledge to ask this question before doing anything. This was going to be painful and hard, but the result is amazing.


I would like you all to to mention 3 awesome bloggers and why you like them/their blogs!! You might just as well make someone’s day!!


Also, if you would like to write a fun friday four post, or just a movie review (featured film), or the faith part, or the featured fiction, please feel free to email me at!!

That’s all for today’s post!! Toodles!!


Waffle Wednesday!! #3

I nominated severall of you, sctually, most of you XD…
So I would love it if you could go and check it out! Thanks 🙂

frost flower

hello!! i hope you all are having a week!!

here you go! your delliissshh waffles!

Fluffy Homemade Waffles Recipe | Life, Love &amp; Sugar

and don’t forget the muuuusic! the post is prob gonna a bit long!

is it on? good! let’s start with the post!

i remember the first time i posted an award post (click here)….. how excited I was! and now? i still love doing awards… but they’ve become less exciting lol!

Not Excited GIF | Gfycat

anyways, i have been nominated for three lovely awards, so let’s better finish them and get it over with!! yay!! i nominate the people and ask the questions in the end of the post 🙂 (so you will prob scroll through my answers and get to that part right? 😉 lol)

SunshineBlogger Award

thank you so much Gelina for nominating me! guys, you should go and check out Gelina’s simple but fun and cute blog!! (btw, she is…

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Fun Friday Four

Fun Friday Four #14

Hello! Welcome to another post on Amy’sMusica! 🙂

Oh yeah…. A very happy BELATED Diwali!! 😉 (that’s why the featured image thing lol)

Before you continue, I hope you haven’t missed out—

Latest post on Amy’sMusica- Fun Friday Four by a guest…..

Latest post on Frost Flower- Waffle Wednesday + photoshoot…..

Ok! Now onto the Fun Friday Four!

Featured film!!

The Adventures of Ociee Nash (2003)

the trailer 😉

This movies is sooo fun and is on Youtube for free! It’s about a sweet (but kinda unmannered boyish) 10 year old girl named Ociee Nash. She lives with her father and two brothers. She doesn’t have a mother, so she grows up without learning much ladylike manners XD She even makes friends with a really funny gypsy and meets the president and Nellie Bly!

So her father decides to send her to her aunt. I was expecting a strict aunt, but the aunt is kind, and was actually very boyish and rough as a child. They get along well, but Ociee hates wearing dresses. She gets homesick. But she is brave… and even saves her friend in a fire….

this is the full movie if you want to watch it! Enjoy!

Featured Fiction!!

I decided that I would love to hear a book recommendation and review from my dear friend D @IntrovertedThoughts! So let’s give it up to her!

Black Beauty by Anna Sewell

“Black Beauty by Anna Sewell is considered to be one of the first fictional animal autobiographies. I loved the way the whole story was narrated from the horse’s perspective. All those detailed descriptions and tales, some of which were heartbreaking all came together at the end. I would definitely recommend this book to all ages; it’s an incredibly beautiful story.”

Thank you so much D! You did perfect! I loved it! 🙂


Some beautiful bible verses, and a movie recommendation at the end!

Treasures of the Snow (1980)

This movie is really beautiful and fun as well! It’s not exactly all about faith, non christians will enjoy it too! It’s based on the book by Patricia St. John. It’s available free on YouTube as well! It’s about Annette, who hates a boy named Lucien…. because he caused Annette’s little brother to have an accident and become lame. It was actually an accident, but Annette blames Lucien for everything, spreads rumours about him and makes him miserable. But Lucien apologizes and still helps Annette despite everything…

the full movie!!

Featured Friendz!!

Shoutout to two amazing guy bloggers! Vincent and Benji!

I would love it if you checked out this post by Vincent (go check him out… he’s awesome) about a really awesome and very young blogger named Benji! He is very inspiring! Please go show some support! 🙂

here’s the link to the post-

and the link to Benji’s Blog-


That’s all for today’s post!! See you next week! Have a lovely weekend! Toodles! 🙂


Waffle Wednesday #2 // Rainy photoshoot

frost flower

hello and welcome to another ‘waffle wednesday’ in frost flower! today we are having another photoshoot J but this time, it is rainy/monsoon pics!

Easy Gluten Free Waffles Recipe - Cookie and Kate

before we start, don’t forget to grab those waffles and press play to the rainy music. got the vibes? then you are set to go!

ENJOY! and don’t forget to comment your fav!

i hope you liked them! which ones were your favorite? have you ever done a rainy/monsoon photoshoot? if you have, please leave the link of that post in the comments, so that me and many other bloggers can check them out! 😉

signing off,


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the first waffle wednesday! fall pics :)

frost flower

hello dear readers! welcome to frost flower! to know what this blog is about, please go here and here!

before we continue, i suggest that you go to the actual site for a more real experiance! Ok, are you there? Ok, please click play, and listen to some vintage fall music while you read the post!

today we will be having a fun fall photoshoot! over october and november, i have been taking some pics! and i decided to show you!

and before you get confused, no, waffle wednesday is not about waffles! it’s just a weekly series where we talk about something fun while we eat some waffles. that reminds me! here are your waffles!

take as much as you like! ok, now, while you are eating those sweet syrupy waffles, and enjoying the music, i’ll show you the pics!

i don’t actually have fall, so this is…

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Fun Friday Four

Fun Friday Four #13 by…..

Hi!! Welcome back to our fun friday four! Today…. we have someone special with us…… Haley from @My Life of Faith! (Go check out her blog pleease?) I am soooo excited! What do you think she has prepared for us? The whole fun friday four post!! Yippee!!

I am so delighted that Haley has asked to write this post…. so are you ready?

Give it up for Haley!! *crowd goes wild*

Thank you so much to Amy for letting me do this! I have such a pleasure in reading Fun Friday Four and I thought it would be fun to write one myself. I reached out to Amy and she was willing to let me post one on her blog! Thanks again Amy for this opportunity.

Without further ado, on to the post!

Featured Film

Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken (1991)

I love this movie! Well, it is about horses… and I love horses… so yeah. That is one of the reasons I love it! 

Here’s the trailer

This is a movie about determination, grit, and wild dreams. Set during the Great Depression, you need those things to keep going. Sonora is a girl who doesn’t give up easily, and that being said, she is an orphan, who makes the choice to run away. Sonora ends up with a dream to become a diving girl. But does she have what it takes?
Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken is a beautiful film about dreams being fulfilled through hard work and stubborn determination. This film is considered a romance, but it is a family friendly romance. As for romantic “stuff”, there is some hugging and kissing, as well as some added drama with letter writing. The movie is not a Christian movie, but there isn’t much bad language. There is one seen in which a character dies, but it is not a violent death, nor is a dead person actually shown. In parts of the movie people do act or speak roughly with Sonora, but in my opinion there isn’t anything too bad. If you are afraid of blood, you will want to look away when Sonora gets a bloody nose. 

Overall I love this movie, and I recommend you give it a try! You can rent it on YouTube or Amazon Prime.

Featured Fiction

Wonder by RJ Palacio

Wonder is an awesome story about August Pullman who was born with facial differences. The book takes place in his first year of going to a “regular” school (he was homeschooled). The book is told from different view points throughout, which makes it really interesting because you get to hear what other characters think of Auggie and how he affects their lives. I love this book and have read it several times. It is such a sweet story of transformation. You must give this book a read if you haven’t already!

Featured Faith

*no images are my own

These are verses that have brought me help and comfort in hard times!

Grace Unplugged

I watched this movie with my youth group, and I think it is a truly inspirational movie. The story is a bit like the Prodigal Son story in the Bible. I loved watching this movie.

Featured Friends

Emmie @ Diary of A Day Dreamer

I love  Emmie’s fun blog and I have learned more about ballet since I followed her. 

Maggie @ Maggie’s Doodles

Maggie is an awesome encouragement. She has a fun blog where she post doodles, book reviews and fun life style posts! I love reading a new post from her blog, and she is an amazing writer! Be sure to check out her blog!

All right everyone! That’s the end of this post! Thanks again Amy for letting me do this!

❤ Haley

Thank you soooo much Haley for writing this really fun post!! You did AMAZING! I loved it!

PLEASE go and check out my latest photoshoot post in frost flower!!! Want to know what it’s about? Click here and here! Thank you soooo much if you have already followed! But still only 10 followers 😦

That’s all for today! I hope you enjoyed as much as I did! Be sure to comment if you know any of those movies or books! Also, if YOU would like to write a fun friday four, please feel free to tell me in the comments or email me at! Toodles!