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Fun Friday Four #19 || MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS MY LOVELIES!!!! Our long wait has finally ended!! Merry christmas merry christmas! I feel like shouting and jumping up and down! Let’s fill the comments with warm wishes to each other, and don’t hesitate to share how you celebrate!!! Anyways, welcome to another fun friday four! Featured film!! Pete’s Christmas (2013) This hilarious… Continue reading Fun Friday Four #19 || MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!


Fun Friday Four #18!!

Guys!! Only 1 MORE WEEK TILL CHRISTMAS!!! ARE YOU JOKING?! Anyways, I can’t believe we have got to Fun Friday Four #18! 18?!? I’m shouting alot right now Featured Film!! Samantha – An American girl holiday This is such a beautiful christmassy movie!! And it’s on Youtube! And guess what? The lead character, Samantha, is… Continue reading Fun Friday Four #18!!

Fun Friday Four #17

Hello lovely readers!! Today we are having another fun friday four! Featured film!!! The Grinch (2018) Ahhhhh!!! My favorite christmas movie of all time!!! OF ALL TIME! Who agrees? This lovely, heart-warming, funny, touching and even RHYMING movie, based on a book by Dr. Seuss has captured the hearts of both young and old for… Continue reading Fun Friday Four #17

Fun Friday Four #16

Hello!!! Welcome back to another fun friday four at Amy’sMùsica!! Let’s get started!! Featured film!!! The Little Princess (1939) This is a very fun old movie, based the the famous book ‘The Little Princess‘ by Frances Hudgson Burnett. Other newer versions have been made, but I particularly like this one because of the actors and… Continue reading Fun Friday Four #16

Fun Friday Four #15!!!!

Guys, I can’t believe we have got to #15!! Time flies! And a very happy Thanksgiving to y’all!!! I hope you had a great time!! (And I have hardly been using my bitmoji lol, so I’m gonna add alot today 😉 Featured film!! Because of Winn-Dixie This is such a cute movie, perfect for all… Continue reading Fun Friday Four #15!!!!

Waffle Wednesday!! #3

Originally posted on frost flower:
hello!! i hope you all are having a week!! here you go! your delliissshh waffles! and don’t forget the muuuusic! the post is prob gonna a bit long! is it on? good! let’s start with the post! i remember the first time i posted an award post (click here)…..…

Fun Friday Four #14

Hello! Welcome to another post on Amy’sMusica! 🙂 Oh yeah…. A very happy BELATED Diwali!! 😉 (that’s why the featured image thing lol) Before you continue, I hope you haven’t missed out— Latest post on Amy’sMusica- Fun Friday Four by a guest….. Latest post on Frost Flower- Waffle Wednesday + photoshoot….. Ok! Now onto the… Continue reading Fun Friday Four #14

the first waffle wednesday! fall pics 🙂

Originally posted on frost flower:
hello dear readers! welcome to frost flower! to know what this blog is about, please go here and here! before we continue, i suggest that you go to the actual site for a more real experiance! Ok, are you there? Ok, please click play, and listen to some vintage fall…


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