Fun Friday Four

Fun Friday Four #12!!

Hi guys!! How is your week going? I hope you are doing great and you are staying home!!

Featured film!!!

Garfield (2004) and Garfield- a tale of two kitties (2006)

These movies are hilarious and I’m sure all ages will enjoy them!! Garfield is a fat lazy funny orange cat who LOVES lasagna. There are two movies, Garfield, and Garfield- A tale of two kitties.

Garfield (2004)

So well, this movie is basically about when Garfield’s owner, Jon, falls in love with a vet named Liz. But Liz is very busy, so Jon offered to take care of her dog, Odie. Garfield doesn’t like this… but they soon become friends. And…. the adventure starts!!

Garfield- a tale of two kitties (2006)

I personally like this movie way more!! It is the story of a funny mixup between Garfield and the prince of England. Yes, a cat. To make it funnier, both cats look the same. And the owners don’t suspect anything. Until trouble happens.

Jon, Liz, Odie, and Garfield travel to London, where the mixup takes place. Soon, both the cats team up and create a genius plan.

Featured fiction!!!

The Fragile Flag by Jane Langton

This is an inspiring and fun book!! Especially Americans will love it! It follows the march and inspiring protest of a young girl against the replacement of the American flag and also of a global nuclear bomb. There was also a letter writing competition to the president, Toby. Then mischievous vain Veronica steps in too.

I’m not sure how to summarize everything…. so this is what I got from the book itself:

When Georgie Hall decides to walk from Concord, Massachusetts, to Washjngton D.C., with a letter to the president and an old flag capable of producing magical visions, no one doubts that she has the ability to do it. Along with her step cousins, Eleanor and Eddy, (and crush, Robert Toby), Georgie begins the Children’s Crusade to stop the president from building a globally fatal nuclear bomb, known as the Peace Missile. But 450 miles is a long way to walk, and even as the Crusade picks up new members along the way, its marchers can’t help but wonder if their actions will make a difference… or if its already too late…..


You know the drill- some verses and a movie recommendation!

Letters to God

This is a very touching movie!! It’s about a 10 year old boy, named Tyler, who has cancer. It’s also kinda sad because.. nevermind…. you can find out what happens by yourself!! It follows his ups and downs in his journey of cancer… The main thing revolving round his letters mailed to ‘God….. it changes so many peoples’ lives… especially the postman in who’s hands the letters are kept. It is so beautiful!! And guess what, it’s on YouTube for free!

Here’s the link if you want to watch it: enjoy!!

Featured friendz!!!

Vincent Ehindero!!!

Vincent is a really kind and positive friend and blogger! Not to mention funny too!! His posts are awesome positive and funny and he is an amazing friend too! Guys! Follow his awesome blog!! And feel free to leave a comment… and get a unique reply!! Vince, I’m really thankful for our friendship!! Keep being so encouraging!

Jasmine Rose!!!

Sorry that it’s not very clear:(

Jasmine is a beautiful blogger and friend, inside and out!! Her personality is so sweet and thoughtful!! She is very unique, her faith and lifestyle is an inspiration!! Her blog is filled with awesome and helpful posts! I’m so glad for her friendship! If you need encouragement or advice, ask her, she is very understanding!!


That’s all!! Toodles!!

P.S. Guys!! Please check out Friends of Faith!! You won’t regret it! And LTBL!! It’s so cool and helpful! Struggling in blogging? Need some tips? Go to LTBL!!

Fun Friday Four

Fun Friday Four #10!!

Hello!! Happy Friday!! Why did I even say that? Anyways, welcome back to another ‘Fun Friday Four’!! Let’s get started!!

Featured Film!!

Little Rascals save the day!

I think most of you have seen this before!! It is so fun and full of pranks and adventures of a group of friends. Ahhh you should def watch it!! It. Is. So. Fun. It also happens that one member of the team, likes a girl named Darla. But there is this rich kid named Waldo who always messes up things. There is an officer named Kennedy, who likes their school teacher, Miss Junebug. But everytime they try to go an a date, the kids innocently mess it up. They really didn’t mean to!! But whst happens next? Find out for yourself guys!!

the trailer!

Featured fiction!!

Camille and Madeleine by Countess de Ségur (translated by Stephanie Smee)

This is one of my fav… since I was 6 or 7. It was originally written in French, but is also available in English!! It’ not very popular, so I wanna share it with you!! It is a thrilling story about two sisters and their friends’ adventures….

Camille and Madeleine are two perfect girls living with their mother at Château Fleurville. One day, they witness an accident, and rush to the spot to find a little girl along with her unconcious badly wounded mother. The little girl, Marguerite, ends up staying, and becoming almost part of the family.

When Sophie comes to stay, she tries to behave as well as her friends. But being a perfect little girl prooves more difficult than she imagined….


As usual!! A movie recommendation at the end!

Facing the Giants (2006)

This is such an amazing movie guys!! It tells the story of an unmotivated football (American) team, who has given up ever winning a tournament. But the coach pushes them hard, and creates a bible group. They start playing with new strength, not for themselves, but for the Lord!! They start winning…. but then they have to face the team GIANTS. The undisputed champion for years. And then they—– ok I ain’t telling!!

Featured friendz!!

Rose E (Green Mountain girl)

Rose E is such a sweet and kind blogger!! Her blog is l.o.v.e.l.y just like her!! Her posts are always fun filled! And you can expect some delicious recipes too!! I am so thankful to know someone like Rose!! She is truly a beautiful Rose blooming in this crazy world!!

Mary Elizabeth

I think many of you know her? I’m not surprised because she is so positive and helpful!! Her blog is a.m.a.z.i.n.g and she even designs blog buttons, make-overs etc!! If you need someone to design than she‘s the one to call!! (And Evin too!! They both are awesome!)

Remember, guest posting is open!! You can submit a post about ANYTHING. You can submit it to!! The deadline is Oct 31!! I am eagerly waiting!!

Ok!! That’s all for today guys!! Toodles!!

Fun Friday Four

Fun Friday Four #9!!

Hello!! I hope you are having a grest week!! Let’s start with our ‘Fun Friday Four’!!

Featured film!!

A Dog’s Purpose (2017)

This is such a beautiful movie for all dog lovers!! 🐾🐾❤❤❤🐶🐶🐕🐕🐩🐩 It’s the story of a dog, who, after he dies, lives as a new dog. So you can experiance his adventure with all his different owners. Everytime he died, I cried🤣🤣But he always became a new dog with a fun story!! There is even more… but you gotta watch it for yourself guys!!

Featured fiction!!

Around the world in eighty days by Jules Verne

I’m sure most of you have read this, or at least heard of it!! I tried reading it once when I was around 8 years, but I just couldn’t understand what was going on!! So, after a few years, I saw the book lying on my bookshelf and I was like, ‘what’s this?! Hmmm… I guess I’ll try reading it!’

And I did. And I LOVED it!! As you probably know, it’s about a really punctual calm strict gentleman (somehow I always imagine him kind of like Abraham Lincoln 😂) who travels the world in 80 days. With his loyal (and funny) assistant/friend/sidekick, Passepartout. To make the story even more interesting, a large bank robbery had just taken place. So, Mr. Fix (a detective) follows them around the world too.

They also meet a beautiful Indian woman named Aouda.

What happens?


Some verses and a movie for you!!


This is an awesome movie!! Even though it’s about a married couple who want to divorce, it’s really fun to watch because of all the funny scenes and great acting!!

Anyways, It’s an amazing movie!! Watch it now!!

That’s all for today’s post guys!! What about the Featured Friendz? I’m sorry but it’s late and the internet is on and off, so I don’t have much time… 😔

Have a great weekend!! Toodles!!

Fun Friday Four

Fun Friday Four!!!

Good morning/afternoon/night!!? Confusing. I know. Where was I? Oh yeah!! Are you ready for another ‘Fun Friday Four’? By the way, are you enjoying this? Do you need it to more fun?

Anyways, let’s do it!!

Featured film!!!

Cheaper by the Dozen

Who has seen this? Many of you probably!! It’s such a fun movie about a messy family of 12 kids. What?! Twelve kids?! Yes. Throughout the movie, many mishaps happen (well of course). They, the Baker family, decide to move house. The children all hate this. The ring leader is Susan Baker. Then, the mother, who is a writer, gets called to some place to do some interviews and speeches. So now the dad has to take care. Things become so bad that the mom decides to come home. One of the child, Mark, runs away. Mark was always left out and teased. Do you think they will find him? (Of course!! Oops. *shut up*)

here is the trailer

Featured fiction!!!

The Children of the new forest by Captain Marryat

What can i say? Hmmm…. It’s a very captivating story and adventure of four siblings – Two boys and two girls. Their father is killed at war, and then their house is burned down. The enemies thought that the children had died in the father, but secretly they had escaped!! What will happen next? Who will they meet? Will theybe found out? Read it for yourselves!!


Like always, some verses and a movie recommendation!!

Extras anyone?

Bright Ones by Bethel

Ok. I love this movie!!! If you have watched Bethel kids, you will definitely love this movie by them!! Even if you don’t know them…. do watch this spectacular movie about the lives of different teens. One teen girl is very good at singing, but doesn’t want to share it. Also, her father was in the army and she hasn’t seen him in months! Another story is of a teen girl who loves designing clothes, and she somehow meets an old lady seamstress and…. i’m not telling!! It also adds the story of a teen boy who is an orphan and is ashamed of it. He is angry that no one wants to adopt him. There are also two naughty but funny guys who join the group. Watch it now!!!

here is the trailer

Featured friendz!!!

Today we have my dear friendz….. Ms. Rae and D (Introverted thoughts)!!!!!

D (Introverted thoughts)

D is just SOOOOOO KIND SWEET AMAZING FRIENDLY FUNNY and even very wise I would say 😉 Her blog is not that good though. It could use some changes here and there. Wait what?! NO I’M JUST JOKING SHE HAS ONE OF THE BEST BLOG I’VE EVER SEEN!! Guys! Definetly check it out!! Ahhh!! And her theme and everything is so vintage and typewritten!! But what I love most is her character!! Such an amazing friend!!

Ms. Rae

I know that Ms. Rae is way older than us….. but that doesn’t mean we cannot be friends right? Ms. Rae is such a kind, wise and thoughtful friend and follower!! I am so thankful for you Ms. Rae!! Guys! Maybe go check out her blog? Please? Her comments are enough to make your day… or your week!! She is always so kind and encouraging…. and she will always add a short story or experiance of herself while commenting!! Ahh! Her friendship and comments mean alot to me! Regardless of age!!


That’s all for today!! Stay tuned for a Life update on Sunday!! Toodles!!

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Fifth Fun Friday Four!!

Hello dear readers!! Hope you had a good week!! Here I have another ‘fun friday four’ for all of you!! Enjoy!!

Featured flim!!!

Charlie & the chocolate factory

Who hasn’t watch this? I think we all have seen this exciting and funny movie right? I think you better read the book first!! It is very funny and easy to read! But that’s not the point! The movie! Oh yeah…. All the characters are so different and their character actually matches their appearance. Willa Wonka himself is a splendid actor! He was done by Johnny Depp! Please do watch this funny entertaining movie!!

here is the trailor

Featured fiction!!!

The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien

‘The Hobbit’ is a very exciting and mysterious book. The book itself is way better than the very unrealistic movie. After reading it once, you will want to read it over and over! It tells the story of a small quiet stay-at-home hobbit who gets pursuaded to travel with a wizard and several dwarves to to get back the dwarves’ treasure from a dragon. So many things happen, they get stuck in the dragon’s mountain….. in the end….. Aghhh! You should read it!! It is fantastic!


As usual, some verses and a movie recommendation!!

Ring the Bell

‘Ring the bell’ is a beautiful movie about a sport agent who travels to a small simple town. He just wants to sign up one guy to join the big league. When they refuse because they found their faith and family more important, he decides to stay and persuade him.

He is struck by the whole town’s kindness and simplicity. Their faith inspires him, and after attending a ‘Casting Crowns’ concert… he realizes his mistakes. The bell ringing will come in somehow…. just watch it and find out!!

the trailor

Featured friendz!!!

Today I would love to share about my two dear but less well known friendz….. Neria and Abigail!!


Ahhhh! Neria is a beautiful friend!! Beautiful inside and out!! She is sadly kinda busy sometimes….. but she has 4 beautiful blogs!! One is called ‘Writing4funforever‘….. ahhhh! What a beautiful and fun name!! Another one is ‘God’s Princess Forever‘….. this is so pretty!!! Another one is a collab blog with Enni called ‘Brouhaha – Get it?‘ Or ‘thecrazycompanions4ever‘….. lol!! The last one is a collab blog with Addie called ‘Life in Pajamas‘….. cool!! Neria writes such beautiful posts! And I am thankful to know her. Sadly, not many people know about her….. just like Abigail. Please go and show some support!!


I have already mentioned her in a previous post…. and I hope that most of you have checked out her blog!! There is some slight problems…. the follow, like and comment button are missing. But you can still go and check it out!! Abigail is so sweet! I found out that even her family (mom) has a very fun blog…. with only about 5 followers…. whatt!!! Go check it out if you can!!


The post is finally finished! I hope you enjoy!! Stay safe guys! Toodles!!

Fun Friday Four

Fun Friday Four

Good afternoon! Good morning! Good night! I really don’t know lol!! Anyways, whatever time it is for you, welcome!! Today we have another ‘Fun Friday Four’post!! Enjoy!

Featured film!!!!

Dalmatians movies!!!

I think you all have seen both these movies: 101 Dalmations and 102 Dalmatians!! Either cartoon, or real life, these movies are really fun for any age! I can’t decide which one I like better!!

the trailer of 101 dalmatians

101 Dalmatians tell the story about a man and his dalmatian who meet a woman and her dalmatian at the park. Actually it was the fogs who started it!! Soon, the man and woman got married, and so did their dogs! But who comes to ruin everything? Cruella of course!!!

the trailer of 102 dalmatians

102 Dalmatians tell the story of a woman who is probably the daughter of the couple in 101 dalmatians. She meets a man, who is a dog lover and who runs a dog shelter. They fall in love. Cruella had been sent to prison and had reformed. But after seeing the dalmatians, she remembered who she was, and turned evil again!! What happens next?

Featured fiction!!!

Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe

This is a beautiful novel by Harriet Beecher Stowe about an old black slave. He is very kind, and always obeys his master. It is such a touching and emotional novel which is a ‘must read’ for teens and adults. You will be able to feel the pain of seperating families, the pain of whippings and torture, and the pain of seeing a fellow slave treated bad. All the pain is part of a bigger story. The story is made more interesting by adding some ghost scenes…………….. and funny scenes.

But for now, you MUST read it. I find it very relevant to everything going on right now. All this racism and unequality……. BLACK LIVES MATTER.


For faith, here are some quotes and a movie recommendation!!

Camp Cool Kids

here is the trailer

Camp Cool kids is a really cool movie about two brothers who are at camp. It tells both their stories and their problems. It focuses on teasing and bullying. There is even a little romance lol. But overall, it is a great movie which you guys should definitely watch!!

here is the full movie if you are interested!!


Today, the lucky friends are….. Lrose and Chloe!!!


Lrose is wow. Just wow. She has a unique and sweet character!! She has a very creative blog and she writes amazing poems!! Lrose is someone you should definetly know!! She is so simple and sweet!! I am sooooo thankful for you Lrose!! Please go give her a follow!!! Keep being the amazing person you are!!


Chloe, you are a life saver! Guys!! Chloe is the best!! She is so thoughtful and sweet and will do anything to help!! I am thankful to know someone as amazing as her!! She has a really busy but thoughtful blog called Chloe’s thoughts blog!!! Please go give her a follow!! She is a fantastic blogger and friend!!


Guest posting is still open!!! You can submit it any time!! The only deadline is to submit it within August!! And all…. yes… i said ALL…… submitted guest posts will be posted!!! You can post about ANYTHING!! Be creative, and be yourself!! I am eagerly waiting!! Please submit the posts to!!! Thanks!

Zat was all vor today!! See you on Sunday! Toodles!!

Fun Friday Four

Another Fun Friday Four!!!

hello peeps!! how is everything going on? welcome back to another fun friday four!! i hope you enjoy! let’s begin with…

Featured Film!!!

Paddington 1 & 2

Wow!! Has any watched these movies before?? I think you probably have!! It’s a fun kids movie about the a bear called ‘Paddington’. The first movie tells the story of how he travels from Darkest Peru who to London to live there!

here is the trailer of Padding 1

The second movie is about all Paddington’s mishaps, and he unjustly gets sent to jail. There, he makes friends and makes the jail a better place. Then, ok…… No more spoilers!! Watch it now!

here is trailer of the second movie

Featured Fiction!! (Book)

Number the stars by Lois Lowry

First of all, Lois Lowry is an amazing author! Unfortunately many good authors are not well known….. Anyways, Number the stars is a beautiful and moving novel about two best friends- Ellen and Annemarie. Life is good, until the Nazis come and take over. They brutally round up all the Jews……. Ellen and her family are Jewish. Soon, with the help of her Annemarie and her family, they escape. The friends are parted…..



For, faith, I would like to share some quotes and also recommend you a beautiful christian movie which even non-christians would enjoy!!

King’s faith

Have you ever seen this one? If you have, you will probably agree that is very moving!! It is about an 18 year old guy, who has joined a gang, and has gone to jail numerous times. He finally decides to change his life. He gets adopted for the time, but this time, to stay. He struggles with his faith, but makes friends in his new christian high school who help him. So much more happens, but I won’t tell you anymore!!

I recommend this for 12+ though… because there are some bloody scenes.

here is the trailer!!


Today I would love to share something about my dear friendz……. Shanessa and Ellie (Maeflower)!!!!


Shanessa is a beautiful, sweet and caring girl!!! She is funny, sympathetic and friendly!! She has got so many beautiful gifts and a even more beautiful character!! She recently started a lovely blog called- My days in Montana….. about three weeks ago…… and guess what? She already has a 100 followers! That prooves how amazing she is!! I am blessed to have her friendship, I wish I could meet you in person one day!!

Ellie (Maeflower)!!

Ok….. Ellie is like a beautiful maeflower blooming in a field of weeds. She is a really thoughtful and sweet friend…… so unique snd lovely!! She has this amazing blog called- Musings of a maeflower…….. what a beautiful name!!! I am so thankful for her friendship!! Please give her a follow…. you won’t regret it!!! She is so kind, she even wrote a guest post in my recent post!! You can too!!!👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

Guest posting is still open!!! You can submit it any time!! The only deadline is to submit it within August!! And all…. yes… i said ALL…… submitted guest posts will be posted!!! You can post about ANYTHING!! Be creative, and be yourself!! I am eagerly waiting!! Please submit the posts to!!! Thanks!

That’s all for today’s post!!! I hope you enjoyed! Toodles!

Made by Evin👇🏻👇🏻 Beautiful right? Check out her design page!

Fun Friday Four

Fun Friday Four!!!

Hello and welcome back to the second post in the ‘Fun Friday Four‘ series!!! You ready? If you enjoyed this post, you can go and check out my first fun friday four post here.

First up…..

Featured Film!!!

Here is the trailer!!☝🏻

Sound of Music

I think most of us have watched this movie right? So….. basically the ‘Sound of music‘ is an old romance, fun and musical movie, about a young nun, who becomes the governess for a family of 8 kids without a mother. The children’s father and the nun soon fall in love…..

Ok!!! No more spoilers please! Next!

Featured Fiction!!!! (Book)

The Chronicles of Narnia

Tell me….. who doesn’t love Narnia? I mean…. some of you might not have read the book and watched the movie yet….. guyss!!! You are missing out on something! The Chronicles of Narnia is a 6 book long series of super interesting, thrilling, heartbreaking, emotional rides about Aslan, a just, powerful but kind lion, who is king over all, and the Witch….. she is the villian in all the stories…… There are soooo many other unique and unbelievable characters…… but it mainly revolves around Aslan and the Witch.



For faith….. I would like to share some beautiful quotes….. and a good christian movie!!!!

Movie: One Night With the King

this is the trailer!!☝🏻

Guyss! I love that movie!!!! It’s about the story of Queen Esther!! I won’t tell you anymore…. but please do watch it!! If you already have, please tell me in the comments!!

here is the full movie!!☝🏻



Today I’ll tell you abit about two more amazing friends and followers……. Kaelyn and Evin!!!


You are so pretty!!

She is probably one of the most sweet and encouraging and kind and fun….. ok….. I think I could go on forever!!! Her blog is 100% amazing!!! She was one of my very first follower and friend…. and she has always been there for me…. snd I will always be there for you too Kaelyn!! Thank you so much for supporting me and my blog…. and for encouraging me in faith dear friend and sis!!


Before I get tell you more….. I would like to remind you guys that today (14th August) is Evin’s birthday!! If you haven’t followed Evin….. please do! She is even hosting a blog party!! Don’t miss it! There will be food, drinks, music and more!

Anyway…. Evin is such a helpful and kind friend!!! She always has time to help me even when she is really busy…. and her blog? It’s just as fun as her! She helps design signoffs, blog buttons, and more at her design page- featherlight designz. She even has a seperate travel blog! Thank you Evin for your sweet friendship…. and have a happy birthday!

Hmmmm….. I guess that’s all? Oh yeah wait!!

Guest posting is officially open!!! You can submit it any time!! The only deadline is to submit it within August!! And all…. yes… i said ALL…… submitted guest posts will be posted!!! You can post about ANYTHING!! Be creative, and be yourself!! I am eagerly waiting!! Please submit the posts to!!! Thanks!

Ok. Now that really is all. See you on sunday!! Toodles!!

Fun Friday Four

My first Fun Friday Four!!

Here we goooooo! This is my first ‘fun friday four‘…… so i hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!! Whoop whoop!

Ok…. ready guys? First up…..

Featured Film!!!

The Parent Trap 1998 or 1916

This movie is fantastic!! I personally prefer the 1998 version, but they both are quite good.

It tells the story of two identical twins who were seperated at birth due to their parents divorce. They both eventually meet each other at a girls camp and find out that they are sisters. They then plan to reunite their long divorced parents. Will their plan fail…. or will it be a success? I won’t tell! Find out for yourself!

Here is the trailer of the 1998 version:

Here is the trailer of the 1961 version:


Featured Fiction!!! (Book)

Oz series by L. Frank Baum

They are honestly just AMAZING!! I know, they are pretty simple and mostly fairy tales. But come on! Who doesn’t enjoy a leisure reading! You can complete the book easily. All of his books are filled with humour and interesting adventures!!

Now I’ll share something related to my


I’ll be sharing some beautiful and aesthetic verses!! Remember…. God loves you….. and he will always be there for you!!

Lastly, the


I will try to mention you all! But for today I would like to start with….. Haley and Hailey!! Remember guys… I am not mentioning the people I like more first!! I love you all! But I need to mix it up a bit! I think I will try to order it by who followed first ok?

As I said, I will share something about these amazing friends! I love it that their names are so similar and they both were my very first followers!!


She is just….. amazing!! Actually…. not amazing….. more like ‘INDESCRIBABLE!! She has been such a sweet and encouraging friend!!! She has the most beautiful blog!!! Currently she is quite busy….. but we can’t blame her for that can we? We all get busy right? I can’t wait till she comes back!! Go check out her recent posts!! You will not regret it!! I have lots more to say!! Much more guys!! But it probably wouldn’t fit here…. so go give her a follow, drop a comment and discover her for yourself!! It would be amazing if she could reach a 100 followers soon…. she has been blogging for almost 3 years…. yet she is so sweet and kind, that she does not want to force or spread the word about her blog!! She is just amazing ok!


She is so inspiring!!! She has been one of my very first friend….. and without her…. I might not have come this far. She is so pretty and creative!! She has such a aesthetic and cute blog!! Please go check out her posts!! After reading them… you will surely hit that follow button! So I don’t have to tell you! Her weekly bible verses, positivity, aesthetic pics, girl advice, tips, and (i love this one) memes, will surely brighten up your week!! I am telling you…. you won’t regret discovering her!! If you have already met her, you will definitely agree with me that she such a sweet and caring girl!! Her comments will make your day!! Thank you for your friendship Hailey!!


That was all for this post!! Hope you enjoyed! Stay Tuned and Stay Safe! Toodles! This is another signoff! Love, Amy.