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Thursday Theatre (and happy bday ma!)!!

Hello friends!! Welcome to another ‘Thursday Theatre’!!

Before I continue, I would like to tell you guys that today is my mom’s bday!!🎊😊 We had a great day!!

Here’s a quick preview:

In the morning, we had our breakfast and did our homeschooling as usual. Then, my dad came back from work bringing the cake!! It was butterscotch!! Deelliciouss!!!

We sang and then ate the cake. Then my dad gave a bouquet of flowers to my mom… it was so sweet! 🥰😍💐💐Me and my sisters all gave her some cards. Then my sisters performed a drama and a dance. 💃🏽💃🏻🤸🏽‍♀️Then we all went to our new house construction. I recorded my song for you there!! (That’s why it sounds so echoey) 😂😉

And here is my song!! It (cityalight) was suggested by my mom, so I decided to do it for her!!🥰🤗 I hope you like it!

Comment if you knew the song!! Or if you know ‘Cityalight’!!!

Again, happy happy bday ma!! 🎊🎊You are the best mom!!❤

Remember, guest posting is open!! You can submit a post about ANYTHING. You can submit it to!! The deadline is Oct 31!! I am eagerly waiting!!

That’s all guys!! Toodles!!

Thursday Theatre

Thursday Theatre

Hello and welcome back!! (My bitmoji is updated!!! She- actually I lol- have an autumn themed outfit! Do you like it?)Today, for Thursday Theatre, I will be sing a mix/mashup of ‘Send the Light’ and ‘Saint Augustine’s pears’!

Before I go any further, I would like to tell you guys that today is two of my sisters’ birthday!! No, they aren’t twins XD. But miraculously, they both were born on the same day, with a 2 year gap. Anyways, it’s Gelina and Cherish’s birthday!!

I hope you remember Cherish!! She wrote a cute guest post for us right?! And I hope you know Gelina, she has a nice blog! Go give a follow or wish her!!

Since it is their birthdays, I decided that they should choose the songs!! Gelina chose ‘Saint Augustine’s pears’ by Petra. And Cherish chose ‘Send the Light’ which is a beautiful hymn. So here you go!! It’s not the best quality, but at least it is something!!

That’s all for today’s post!! I am sorry that it isn’t very long 😦 Tell me in the comments: Do you know Petra? Do you know either of those songs I sang? Do you like my bitmoji’s autumn themed outfit?

I’ll see you tomorrow!! Toodles!!

(pretty signoff by Evin)