Fun Friday Four

Fun Friday Four #16

Hello!!! Welcome back to another fun friday four at Amy’sMùsica!! Let’s get started!!

Featured film!!!

The Little Princess (1939)

This is a very fun old movie, based the the famous book ‘The Little Princess‘ by Frances Hudgson Burnett. Other newer versions have been made, but I particularly like this one because of the actors and because it is on YOUTUBE for free! The girl who plays Sara Crewe, Shirly Temple, is so cute and fits her character well!! Her teacher is kind Miss Rose, who is engaged with a charming soldier, Geoffrey. Mister Geoffrey (Richard Greene) looks so handsome, with neat jet black hair, blue eyes, a dazzling smile, great voice, kind heart…. the typical 1900’s gentleman!! Sara Crewe is just so cute, with her dinples and pretty curls… but her acting is even better!

the trailer

In the movie, Sara’s father goes of to war. One day, his name appears on the list of deaths. Now Sara was completely poor, and put as a servant…. but Sara would not believe it. She searched and searched for her father…..

the full movie 🙂

Have you seen this movie before? Have you read the book? Or have you seen a newer version of it?

Featured fiction!!!

Today we have a lovely book review from Gelina!!

Journey to Jamestown by Lois Ruby

I love this book because it is told in the perspective of an English boy and a native American girl. They both have one thing in common, they are the doctors/healers of their group. Sacahocan (the native American girl) makes friends with Elias (the English boy). The English group start to go hungry, and start doing mean things to the native people.

Does Sacahocan know what the English mean to do? Will she still trust Elias? Read the book to find out!

When you finish reading Elias’s side, flip the book over to Sacahocan’s side!!

—————————–x Gelina x————-‐————————–

I love this book! Especially since it tells two stories in one story!! Thank you Gelina!!


As usual, some great bible verses…. I’m sorry, no movie recommendation today :((

Featured friendz!!!

From today onwards, I would like to tell you about some of the best collab blogs!!

Today, we are featuring….

Life in Pajamas!!!! @ Addie and Neria

Guys!! This is such an awesome blog!! The name is pure genius right?! Addie and Neria are such beautiful and sweet friends and bloggers who worked together to make this amazing blog!! They post mostly about books, recipes, photos, awards, tags and random things which is sooo fun! I’m sure you’ll love it!! Go check it out!!


That’s all for today’s post!! Hope you enjoyed!! Toodles!


13 thoughts on “Fun Friday Four #16”

  1. Aww, thanks for featuring us, Amy!!
    Haha, I remember watching “The Little Princess”! It’s such a sweet movie.
    Have an amazing day!

    -Addie xx-

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