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Sunday Sharing…. A small joys tag!!

Ok!! Happy sunday guys!!! In my ‘Sunday Sharing’ series, I will be posting random posts or awards/tags. Today I’ll be doing the ‘Small Joys tag’!!! Here we go!!

Ze Rules:

  1. Thank the blogger who tagged you!
  2. List 15 of your Small Joys (They can be as weird, random, and silly as you want to make them!)
  3. Tag 5 blogger friends who bring you joy (and feel free to say why they bring you joy!) Have fun with it!

Thank you soooo much both Evin and Shanessa for tagging me!!! Both of you are super amazing, sweet, and caring friends!! You both really bring me alot of joy!!

Here are my 15 small joys!!

  1. Having long chats with my bffs– I haven’t seen them in person for 5 months!!! So I love it when we share what is going on and just talk about random stuffs like real friends do.
  2. Sunsets and Sunrises– I mean come on!!! Who doesn’t love sunsets? They are one of the most beautiful art in God’s amazing creation! Sunrises are equally beautiful… the only difference is not many people bother to watch them.
  3. Baths– I mean… ok this is weird…. but baths are just so nice!! A warm bubbly bath in the winter….. ahhhh… it relaxes all the muscles and makes us feel so cozy and warm!! And in the summer…. baths are heavenly!! All the days sweat and grit washed off!! A cool bath at the end of the day is soooo refreshing!!! Do you love baths too?? It makes me feel like I have a fresh start!!!
  4. Music– No way i was gonna leave this out!! Music is a wonderful thing…. and I posted alot of music stuff on this blog!! You will know right way that I am a music lover!!! Life without music would be unbearable!!!!
  5. My dog– I have a german shepherd dog…. and LOVE hin ALOT!!! I just love all dogs in common. They are understanding, smart, cute, loyal animals which have been man’s (or in this case, girl) best friend!!! If you are a dog person and have a pet dog, tell me in the comments!!
  6. Clouds– I just LOVE clouds!! They are never ever the same!! Every single day, there is a beautiful array of clouds in the sky, but not many people stop to look up and admire them. But the most beautiful clouds appear in the evening….. wow!! All those pink and orange and sometimes grey or golden clouds!!
  7. Stars☆- One of my favourite things to do is just lay down and watch the stars. I could watch them for hours…. and not get bored!! I already learned the basics of astronomy, so it’s fun to point out constellations and major stars!
  8. Horse-riding– Ahhh! Horse riding! I love it!! Sometimes it can be abit tense and scary….. but usually not!! You feel like flying in the air!! All the wind rushing past you…… And to feel the pull of rein in your hand and the gentle rocking movement, is amazing!! The sound of the horse’s snorts or pattering of it’s hooves are so soothing and comforting!
  9. Going on a walk- I love going on walks by myself or with my dog…. I live in a really nice and beautiful neighbourhood…. so i love being out in the nature, hearing birds chirping and seeing all the greenery. It really relaxes me and gets me fresh air!!
  10. Organizing stuff– I love everything to be neat and tidy and beautiful…… which is a very hard thing in my big messy family. Lol. But I still love organizing my own stuff, or anyone else’s stuff. I know this is abit of a weird joy, but it’s my thing!
  11. Family functions– I love it when our whole big family gets together to celebrate something. We have a really big family…. with about 15 cousins…. so we have some of the best times.
  12. Travelling– Who loves travelling? I know i do!! Any place!! But mostly I LOVE travelling to the Netherlands!! I also did a guest post about one event in the Netherlands on Evin’s amazing travel blog! I love discovering beautiful new places!
  13. Watching our family videos– I love it when my whole family sits down together and watches our old videos. It beings back so many fun memories. We all laugh and remember those days and almost relive that moment.
  14. A gloomy rainy day– Those kind of days are my absolute favourite! Just wrap myself in a blanket, get a cup of tea or coffee and read a book. Perfect!!!
  15. Your comments- You guys! Your sweet comments and your friendship really make me so happy! They are like rewards or ‘dessert’ after writing a long post!!!! I love your comments guys!! Please feel free to comment!!

Which joy did you en’joy’ the most?? And could you please remind me of any awards or tags I haven’t done yet?? I searched through… and it seemed that I have completed all the awards!! But maybe I missed out a few… please tell if I missed any!

I taggg……

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That was all for today!! Toodles!!