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Sunday Sharing! An award + pics!!

Hello and welcome back!! You might have (or maybe not) wondered why I didn’t post on Thursday and Friday…..

Well, I was on a 1 week break hehe. I am really sorry for not telling you guys before…

Anyways, here I am with another award!! (Stay till the end please 😉


  1. Provide the link to the creator’s original award post. (very important: see why in step 5)
  2. Answer the questions provided.
  3. Create 7 unique questions.
  4. Nominate 10 bloggers. Ensure that they are aware of their nomination. Neither the award’s creator, nor the blogger that nominated you, can be nominated.
  5. At the end of 2020, every blog that ping-backs the creator’s original post will be entered to win the 2020 Outstanding Blogger Award!

Original post:

My nominator was my sweet younger sis, Gelina!! Thank you for nominating me!!

Ze Questions:

  • If you had one wish, what would it be?

Hmmm…. 1 wish?! Just one?! That’s so hard! I guess I would wish that there was only love in the world. Love is everything! Who agrees with me? If you have love, you will be kind, patient, trustworthy etc. Everything starts from love!

  • Do you believe in aliens?

Of course!! Hehehe just joking. I don’t believe in them. Smh.

  • Whats your all-time favorite desert?

All-time?? Woahh!! That’s hard too! I guess I love ice cream!!

(But i love so many other things too!! ATTENTION INDIANS: Do you know Soan Papdi?? Any #soanpapdilover here? Tell me in the comments!!)

  • Do you like roller coasters?

Uhhh, yes? I’ve honestly never been in one…. well… maybe just a tiny one. Nvm. But I would love to try it out one day!!

  • If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would you chose?

Ambivert, kind and unique.

( i guess? *shrugs* ATTENTION: I would love it if you could describe me in 1 word in the comments!!)

  • If you were to be an animal, what would you chose?

A snow leopard!! Idk why lol. But they are so graceful, beautiful and fluffy!! And I love cold places!! Anyone here #winterLover? Plus they have blue eyes haha!

  • What is your greatest fear?

Losing people I love.

  • What is your dream job?

I am not sure…. but I would love to run an animal shelter, or become a librarian or become a worship leader!!

That was fun!! Now….

Ze Nomineez!!

I nominate the first 10 people who like this post!! 😉

Ze Nomineez Questionz!!

  • What was the best vacation you ever took and why?
  • What’s the phone app you use most?
  • Where is the worst smelling place you’ve been?
  •  If you had to change your name, what would your new name be, and why would you choose that name?
  • What is the craziest thing one of your teachers has done?
  • If you could know the absolute and total truth to one question, what question would you ask?
  • Would you rather lose the ability to read or lose the ability to speak?

Nomineez, I hope you enjoy answering my questionz!!

Congrats for getting till here!!

And HAPPY FALL/AUTUMN to all my wonderful friends!!

Many of you have been doing fall photoshoots and collages…. so I thought I’d try. But since we don’t have fall in my state of India (yeah I know, that’s such a pity), I just took some silly selfies!! There were more, but for some reason i just couldnt upload them. Sorry😣

And I tried to make an Indian fall/autumn collage lol.

Btw, those dancing women are dancing for ‘Kut’ which is a traditional harvest festival held every year on Nov 1. There is so much dancing, talent shows, speeches and the number one most popular fashion pagent!!

That’s all for today! Be sure to check out Hailey’s blog!! She posts beautiful quotes and memes every sunday!! And remember to tag #soanpapdilover or #winterLover!! Toodles!!

Awards or tags, Sunday Sharing

Sunday Sharing!

Hello wonderful peeps! How was your week? I hope it was good! Anyways, here we have another Sunday Sharing.

Somehow, it just struck me, weeks pass by so quickly don’t they? I thought I just wrote a Sunday Sharing post yesterday! XD

Anyway, I’ll be doing just ONE award I recently got nominated for by the wonderful blogging genius + 1directioner + food lover + great friend + pro graphic designer + joy giver….. yeah you guessed it! Evin! Thank you sooo much for nominating me Evin! You are awesome!

Wait! Actually guys she nominated everyone XD These were her actual words: ‘I nominate you if you’re name has any of the letters from A-Z.‘ That really made me laugh!! Guys!!! Evin has a great humour! XD

So, here we go!!

The Inspiring Bloggers tag.


1.Thank the person who nominated you

2.Include the logo in your post.

3.Answer the questions asked.

4.Nominate bloggers who inspired you

5.Ask them five questions.

So….this is simple! Ready?


1.Laptop or Phone?

Phone! Duh! I’m kinda clumsy using a laptop XD Anyone else here #ClumsyLaptopUser?

2.Pizza or ice-cream?

How dah you? (do you get that? prob not XD) I liked how Evin answered it:

NOOOOOOOOO… Did you just……?

XD!! That’s probably my answer too!

3.Books or movies?

That’s hard…. Maybe not! Books! #bookworm anyone?

4.Would you rather stay with your best friends in your party or many people?

Best friendz of course!! A party wouldn’t be a party without mah best friendz! 😉

5.Your fave food.

How can I choose. People! There are millions of dif foods and you expect me to choose just one? Pfftt. Ok I guess I’ll just say…. dutch cheese, waffles, pizza, drop (licorice), corn, chicken, ice cream, cookies, cakes, pancakes, agghh don’t get me started!! Btw, anyone here a #LicoriceLover?

Hmmmm…. I’m kinda sad there are only 5 questions 😦 Anyways, let’s move on shall we?


I nominate you if you have any of the letters of my name in your name! So if you have the letters A-M-Y in your name, you are nominated!


  1. How would your perfect day go?
  2. Who is someone that inspires you a lot?
  3. Tell three things you like and love about yourself! (Come on! You are unique and beautiful! You are worth it)
  4. In which movie would you have liked to be an character in? (example Jasmine from Aladdin) Which character?
  5. If you could eat one last meal before you died, what would the meal be?

I hope you enjoyed! Congrats to the unknown nomineez! I hope you will enjoy answering my questions! Before I go…

Be sure to check out Hailey’s blog!! She posts beautiful quotes and memes every sunday!! And remember to tag #ClumsyLaptopUser, #bookworm or #LicoriceLover if it applies to you! XD

Hmmm. I guess that concludes today’s post 😦 Have a blessed sunday ahead!! 😉 Toodles!

Fun Friday Four

Fun Friday Four!!

Hello my dear readers! Are you ready for another ‘fun friday four’ post? Ok Let’s do it!

Oh yeah wait. I really owe you guys an apology for not posting my ‘Thursday Theatre’ yesterday. 😦 I was busy. Personal reasons! Sorry!

Anyways, where were we? Ahhhh.

Featured film!!

Annie (1982)

Annie (1982): a bizarre, patriotic portrait of capitalist white America

Ahhhh! This movie is packed with fun and songs and mischief!! There is also a recent version (2014) of this one. I haven’t seen it yet XD. But this 1982 movie is splendid! It’s about a red haired 10 year old orphan girl named Annie who creates mischief…. but usually she means the best. One day, a woman comes to select an orphan to live for a week with a billionaire, Mr. Warbucks. Soon, Mr. Warbucks begins to grow fond of Annie. Everyone did. And in the end, after a very exciting kidnap, Mr. Warbucks adopts Annie!! Whoop whooop! All the actors play their roles wonderfully… and all the dancing is amazing! Watch it!!

here is the trailer

One warning: One character (Miss Hannigan) who is the one who cares for all the orphan girls, is a drunk and flirts alot.

Featured fiction!!

The Spy by James Fenimore Cooper

The Spy (The World At War) eBook: Cooper, James Fenimore: Kindle  Store

This an excellent and educational novel! I had to read it as an assignment for school, and I actually enjoyed it! The author describes everything very beautifully but the plot and what is actually happening can be kinda complicated. Nevertheless, if you want to learn a bit more about the American revolution, but you don’t want read boring articles, this book filled with mystery and romance might help you! I also wrote an essay. If you are interested I will be happy if you read it!

The Spy by James Fenimore Cooper

The Spy by James Fenimore Cooper is a book about the revolutionary war in America during the 1700s. It was published in 1821. The book consists of 35 chapters and about 250 pages. This novel is basically fiction… but also very historically accurate. It’s main theme is the idea of espionage and mistaken identity. The pain of being mistaken by dear ones and not trusted is the message which the author might want to bring across to the readers.

At the beginning of the Revolutionary War, Harvey Birch, a peddler, becomes a spy for the American side. Because of the extremely secret nature of Birch’s work, few Americans are aware of his true mission. As a matter of fact, they suspect that he is a British spy. The inhabitants of the county pretend to possess a neutrality they do not feel. This is the case of Mr. Wharton, a British secret supporter, who at the news of war retires to his country estate with his two daughters, Sarah and Frances, and their aunt, Miss Jeanette Peyton.

Their peaceful days are interrupted by the arrival of Henry Wharton, Mr. Wharton’s son and a captain in the British army. The young man wears a disguise in order to cross the American lines safely. But during the arrival of Henry, a stranger, who addressed himself as Mr. Harper, stays with the family. He somehow recognizes Henry through his disguise, but promises not to tell anyone. Then after Harper left, a troop of Virginia calvary come looking for a man with Harper’s description.

When the American soldiers enter Mr. Wharton’s house, they discover Henry. Captain Lawton, in command of the troop, sees through Henry’s disguise. The captain is certain that Henry is a spy because he knows that Birch recently visited the Whartons. Not certain what to do, Captain Lawton consults his superior, Major Peyton Dunwoodie, who is interested not only in Henry but also in Henry’s sister, Frances. She pleads with her lover for Henry’s release.

To make the situation more heartbreaking and difficult, Frances finds out that one of her friend and relative, Isabella, loves Major Dunwoodie too. So Frances starts to avoid Dunwoodie, and Dunwoodie is heartbroken, not understanding the reason for Frances cruelty. But in a fire, Isabella is killed, and confesses at her dying moment that she loved Dunwoodie, but that she wanted to serve her country first and foremost.

In the end, Frances and Dunwoodie get married. Henry is saved, after a long series of court trials, with countless ups and downs, with the help of Harvey Birch. Birch is visited by some American generals, and rewarded for serving faithfully as a spy. Birch refuses the reward, and joins the battle. He is killed while happily serving his country. Peace is finally restored.

Overall, The Spy is a very inspiring and interesting book. It helps the readers get a better understanding and experience of the Revolutionary War. The author uses unique and descriptive words, which enhances the reader’s vocabulary. He creates the perfect mix of drama, history, and romance. I really recommend this book to teens and even adults. Because so much can be learned, contrary to fairy tales. The Spy by James Fenimore Cooper is definetly one of the most interesting and dramatic novels ever.


As always, some inspiring quotes and a movie recommendation!

Overcomer (2019)

Overcomer Movie Review

Ahhh! I just love this movie so much! It’s so beautiful! It’s about a teen named Hannah who loves running, but she has asthma. Both her parents are dead. Or at least, that is what she thinks and is told by her grandma who takes care of her. Hannah decides to join the cross country track. Her coach and his wife are very kind. One day, when the coach visited the hospital, he came across a sick blind man. After meeting several times, and becoming good friends, the coach suddenly puts the pieces of the puzzle together and finds out that the man was Hannah’s dad! Hannah meets her dad for the first time, but it doesn’t go well. But soon, Hannah comes to christ, and decides to forgive her dad. Slowly their bond is restored. It turned out that her dad was a very good runner. So with the help of her dad….. Ok I won’t tell any more! It’s very touching! I actually cried several times lol.

here is the trailer!

Featured friendz!!

Today, I would like to tell you guys about two amazing people : Sara and Srisha!


Sara is such an amazing friend and a fantastic blogger! She has one of the most aesthetic and creative blog! I fell in love with it right away! Go check it out! Her writing skills are 100% wowowow!! She has a very positive and kind character! And she always spreads so much positive and aesthetic vibes! I am very thankful to know you Sara!


Btw, her graphic designs are amazing ❤

I don’t know how I could do without her sweet and fun comments! She is always positive and fun and sweet and kind ahhhh! One of the best friend evah! Everyone will agree with me! You won’t regret checking out her blog! I don’t know why, but somehow whenever Srisha is there, everyone is happy and feels like laughing XD I guess it’s just Srisha’s amazing and positive character! Her blog? Just as amazing as her! I wish I had known about her earlier! Love you Shasha!


That’s all for today’s post! I hope you enjoyed!! Toodles!

Life Update, Sunday Sharing

Sunday Sharing / Life Update

Happy Sunday everyone!! I hope you all had a great week! I decided that I would like to try writing a short Life Update of whatever I have been doing these past weeks (September)! So here we go!

For a start, I had delicious apple cinamon oat pancakes for breakfast!! They are not small and fluffy like American pancakes. They are very big and thin like Dutch pancakes and there is no baking powder! But I love them!!

5 September

Nothing really happened much. It was teachers’ day. But since I couldn’t meet any of my dear teachers, I sent all of them a message. I was surprised when every message turned out to be almost 20 sentences! I could have just said ‘Happy Teachers’ day Miss! I hope you have a great week ahead!’ but I just kept typing. Lol. I really miss them. I got a lot of sweet messages back. I was so happy. 🙂

7 September

I went with my mom to a large shopping mall called ‘Vishal’. We left at around 1:00 pm. When we arrived, we were surprised to find a really long queue! So, we waited for a very long 30 min. Finally we got checked, and we even got sprayed with sanitizer. Full body. This was the first time for me! They said they weren’t letting children in. So, I tried to look as grown up and confident as I could, and they thought I must be around 17 so they let me in! Yesss! Lol. We bought tons of stuff! Mostly groceries, but also many presents for my two sisters since their bday was coming up! I also got the beautiful wooden framed mirror I had been wanting for my room! Yes! I also got a cute and cheap short. Guess what, it was actually from the boys/men’s section. But who cares! It’s really cute and super comfortable! We had 4 stuffed bags. Phew!! It was so heavy! But we paid, got out, and got home at around 4:00 pm. So…. We had spent 3 hours shopping!

10 September

It was Gelina and Cherish’s bday! We gave them their gifts after they woke up, and then we had breakfast. (my lil bro☝🏻❤❤❤❤)

Then we spent the whole morning playing. We even played a long round of monopoly! In the afternoon we had our lunch. Then we sang and Gelina and Cherish cut their cakes! (That is Cherish☝🏻) (That is Gelina☝🏻)

One cake was green apple, and the other one was orange. Delicious! Then we went and climbed ‘Langol’ mountain. Tiring, but fun! We managed to go only half way. The view was amazing!! (That is my beloved city/home! What do you think?)☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻

We went home. Then we had pizzas!! Yummm!! Five EXTRA large ones! 3 veg, 1 chicken, and 1 salami! We all were stuffed. Then came ice cream and a family movie! We watched ‘Heidi (2015)’ because it was suitable for all ages. What a great day!

Here are a few extra pics I took at the mountain! 😉

Well, I guess that’s all for today’s post! I hope you enjoyed! Tell me in the comments: Would you like to see more Life Updates? Have you watched ‘Heidi (2015)’? Do you love pizza (I mean who doesn’t)? How did you celebrate teachers’ day? Do you love shopping? Can you play monopoly?

And be sure to check out Hailey’s blog!! She posts beautiful quotes and memes every Sunday!!

Can’t wait to hear from you! Have a blessed Sunday y’all! Toodles!!

Fun Friday Four

Fun Friday Four!!!

Good morning/afternoon/night!!? Confusing. I know. Where was I? Oh yeah!! Are you ready for another ‘Fun Friday Four’? By the way, are you enjoying this? Do you need it to more fun?

Anyways, let’s do it!!

Featured film!!!

Cheaper by the Dozen

Who has seen this? Many of you probably!! It’s such a fun movie about a messy family of 12 kids. What?! Twelve kids?! Yes. Throughout the movie, many mishaps happen (well of course). They, the Baker family, decide to move house. The children all hate this. The ring leader is Susan Baker. Then, the mother, who is a writer, gets called to some place to do some interviews and speeches. So now the dad has to take care. Things become so bad that the mom decides to come home. One of the child, Mark, runs away. Mark was always left out and teased. Do you think they will find him? (Of course!! Oops. *shut up*)

here is the trailer

Featured fiction!!!

The Children of the new forest by Captain Marryat

What can i say? Hmmm…. It’s a very captivating story and adventure of four siblings – Two boys and two girls. Their father is killed at war, and then their house is burned down. The enemies thought that the children had died in the father, but secretly they had escaped!! What will happen next? Who will they meet? Will theybe found out? Read it for yourselves!!


Like always, some verses and a movie recommendation!!

Extras anyone?

Bright Ones by Bethel

Ok. I love this movie!!! If you have watched Bethel kids, you will definitely love this movie by them!! Even if you don’t know them…. do watch this spectacular movie about the lives of different teens. One teen girl is very good at singing, but doesn’t want to share it. Also, her father was in the army and she hasn’t seen him in months! Another story is of a teen girl who loves designing clothes, and she somehow meets an old lady seamstress and…. i’m not telling!! It also adds the story of a teen boy who is an orphan and is ashamed of it. He is angry that no one wants to adopt him. There are also two naughty but funny guys who join the group. Watch it now!!!

here is the trailer

Featured friendz!!!

Today we have my dear friendz….. Ms. Rae and D (Introverted thoughts)!!!!!

D (Introverted thoughts)

D is just SOOOOOO KIND SWEET AMAZING FRIENDLY FUNNY and even very wise I would say 😉 Her blog is not that good though. It could use some changes here and there. Wait what?! NO I’M JUST JOKING SHE HAS ONE OF THE BEST BLOG I’VE EVER SEEN!! Guys! Definetly check it out!! Ahhh!! And her theme and everything is so vintage and typewritten!! But what I love most is her character!! Such an amazing friend!!

Ms. Rae

I know that Ms. Rae is way older than us….. but that doesn’t mean we cannot be friends right? Ms. Rae is such a kind, wise and thoughtful friend and follower!! I am so thankful for you Ms. Rae!! Guys! Maybe go check out her blog? Please? Her comments are enough to make your day… or your week!! She is always so kind and encouraging…. and she will always add a short story or experiance of herself while commenting!! Ahh! Her friendship and comments mean alot to me! Regardless of age!!


That’s all for today!! Stay tuned for a Life update on Sunday!! Toodles!!

Thursday Theatre

Thursday Theatre

Hello and welcome back!! (My bitmoji is updated!!! She- actually I lol- have an autumn themed outfit! Do you like it?)Today, for Thursday Theatre, I will be sing a mix/mashup of ‘Send the Light’ and ‘Saint Augustine’s pears’!

Before I go any further, I would like to tell you guys that today is two of my sisters’ birthday!! No, they aren’t twins XD. But miraculously, they both were born on the same day, with a 2 year gap. Anyways, it’s Gelina and Cherish’s birthday!!

I hope you remember Cherish!! She wrote a cute guest post for us right?! And I hope you know Gelina, she has a nice blog! Go give a follow or wish her!!

Since it is their birthdays, I decided that they should choose the songs!! Gelina chose ‘Saint Augustine’s pears’ by Petra. And Cherish chose ‘Send the Light’ which is a beautiful hymn. So here you go!! It’s not the best quality, but at least it is something!!

That’s all for today’s post!! I am sorry that it isn’t very long 😦 Tell me in the comments: Do you know Petra? Do you know either of those songs I sang? Do you like my bitmoji’s autumn themed outfit?

I’ll see you tomorrow!! Toodles!!

(pretty signoff by Evin)

Sunday Sharing

Sunday Sticker Sharing

Am I gonna be doing a give away? I’m really sorry……. no. But for today’s sunday sharing, I thought, why not make an original tutorial on how to make your own stickers? Of course! It will look something like this:

Woah…. maybe this is a bit clearer!

So, today I bring you my very own tutorial on how to make your own stickers! Here we go!

Before we start, make sure you have a large width tape.

I will be guiding you along with short 1 minute step by step videos! Ready?

Step 1!!

Done? On to Step 2!!

Actually, you can skip that step 2 if you already have an old sticker sheet or wax paper!

Step 3!!

If you don’t have a printer, you can cut out pictures from magazines to make into a sticker!

Step 4!!

Oops…. I’m sorry but the video was cut accidently…. here is the ending..

Remember, if you have any questions or problems making this, I will always be there to give help or advice!

I hope you all enjoyed this!!

If you have ever made your own stickers, tell me in the comments! Do you like stickers? Are you going to try this out?

And be sure to check out Hailey’s blog!! She posts beautiful quotes and memes every sunday!! And stay tuned for my bitmoji update (outfit and hairstyle change lol)!!

That’s all for today’s post!! Have a blessed sunday! Toodles!

Fun Friday Four, Uncategorized

Fifth Fun Friday Four!!

Hello dear readers!! Hope you had a good week!! Here I have another ‘fun friday four’ for all of you!! Enjoy!!

Featured flim!!!

Charlie & the chocolate factory

Who hasn’t watch this? I think we all have seen this exciting and funny movie right? I think you better read the book first!! It is very funny and easy to read! But that’s not the point! The movie! Oh yeah…. All the characters are so different and their character actually matches their appearance. Willa Wonka himself is a splendid actor! He was done by Johnny Depp! Please do watch this funny entertaining movie!!

here is the trailor

Featured fiction!!!

The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien

‘The Hobbit’ is a very exciting and mysterious book. The book itself is way better than the very unrealistic movie. After reading it once, you will want to read it over and over! It tells the story of a small quiet stay-at-home hobbit who gets pursuaded to travel with a wizard and several dwarves to to get back the dwarves’ treasure from a dragon. So many things happen, they get stuck in the dragon’s mountain….. in the end….. Aghhh! You should read it!! It is fantastic!


As usual, some verses and a movie recommendation!!

Ring the Bell

‘Ring the bell’ is a beautiful movie about a sport agent who travels to a small simple town. He just wants to sign up one guy to join the big league. When they refuse because they found their faith and family more important, he decides to stay and persuade him.

He is struck by the whole town’s kindness and simplicity. Their faith inspires him, and after attending a ‘Casting Crowns’ concert… he realizes his mistakes. The bell ringing will come in somehow…. just watch it and find out!!

the trailor

Featured friendz!!!

Today I would love to share about my two dear but less well known friendz….. Neria and Abigail!!


Ahhhh! Neria is a beautiful friend!! Beautiful inside and out!! She is sadly kinda busy sometimes….. but she has 4 beautiful blogs!! One is called ‘Writing4funforever‘….. ahhhh! What a beautiful and fun name!! Another one is ‘God’s Princess Forever‘….. this is so pretty!!! Another one is a collab blog with Enni called ‘Brouhaha – Get it?‘ Or ‘thecrazycompanions4ever‘….. lol!! The last one is a collab blog with Addie called ‘Life in Pajamas‘….. cool!! Neria writes such beautiful posts! And I am thankful to know her. Sadly, not many people know about her….. just like Abigail. Please go and show some support!!


I have already mentioned her in a previous post…. and I hope that most of you have checked out her blog!! There is some slight problems…. the follow, like and comment button are missing. But you can still go and check it out!! Abigail is so sweet! I found out that even her family (mom) has a very fun blog…. with only about 5 followers…. whatt!!! Go check it out if you can!!


The post is finally finished! I hope you enjoy!! Stay safe guys! Toodles!!

Thursday Theatre

Thursday Theatre is back!!!!

Welcome back to another Thursday Theatre!! I apologize for not posting much songs the past week….. but today we finally have a song!!

I would like to thank Magaidh for suggesting this song!! Thank you so much! You are such a sweet and encouraging friend! I tried my best!

Guys! I would love to get song requests or suggestions! Feel free to tell me in the comments!

Now, on to the song!! Today I will be presenting a beautiful song called ‘Marble Halls’. It is such a beautiful song! It was written by Enya, who is Irish singer who composes beautiful songs….. many of them about the ancient Celts. Fun fact: Enya has sung in 10 different languages!!!

I hope you enjoy!!

So? Anyways….. I can’t believe it is already september!! Time flies!! That also means that I have stuck to my schecule for a month now!!! Congrats Amy!!

If you all are feeling bored, why not join the blog contest!! It is being held by my two amazing blogger friends – Kaelyn and Evin!! There are two challenges every week!! One is called ‘Summer of Stories‘ hosted in Kaelyn’s blog, and ‘Avenue of Art‘ hosted in Evin’s blog!! You can join either one….. or both!! It is completely free… and there are virtual prizes!!!!!

So… I guess the post ends here!! See you tomorrow!! Toodles!!