Guest Post, Sunday Sharing

Cherish’s Sunday Sharing!!

Wassup everybody? Today, for ‘sunday sharing’….. I had no idea what to post about.

But then, my younger sister, Cherish, came to me and asked, “Could I do a guest post? Mama told me you were letting people write something for your blog…. Could I write something? Please?” ….. I was almost about to say “I’m sorry, no.” Because I thought only other bloggers could write a guest post…. but I thought again. There isn’t any rule like that! Is there?

So today, we have a short story, written by my younger sister (aged 7) Cherish!!

The magic seashell

On a hot sunny day, there was a little plump girl named Daisy. It was summer and she was very hot. She said: “Mother, can we go to the beach please?” “Okay dear, but you have to be a good girl and then we will go tomorrow. Let’s have lunch.” Daisy said: “But mom we have to tell dad.”  Her mother said: “We will tell him at lunch, now you can set the table Daisy.” She finished setting the table and her father arrived. Daisy asked him: “Dad, can we go to the beach, mom said that we can go if I am good?” “Alright, you do that then her father replied.  So Daisy tried to be good that day, she helped her mother do all the dishes and chores and was very kind to her parents, giving them hugs and flowers. After that it was dinnertime, so they ate. Then it was time to go to bed, so she slept until morning. And when she awoke she ran to the kitchen and said excitedly: “Mom, are we going?” “Yes, darling, I have packed everything we need, let’s have breakfast, and then we will go.” “Yes, yes” Daisy shouted. And she went to wake up her father. So dad came to eat breakfast and then they were getting ready for going to the beach. Daisy went to the bag with all the things they would bring to the beach and said: “Mom, can I look in the bag please?”  Mom agreed and Daisy looked in the bag and saw swimming suits for her and for her father and mother and she also saw some swimming caps. When she looked more, she found a small bag and asked her mother what that was for. Mother said that it was for her to collect seashells with. Mother said: “It’s time to go.”  And Daisy felt very happy and ran to the car. So they drove to the beach. They reached the beach and Daisy asked her mother for the small bag. She went to find seashells. She found lots of beautiful ones, but when she searched more, she found the most beautiful one. It had pink spots and was purple in color. She was about to pick it up, when she saw eyes, a nose, and a mouth, and she heard the seashell speak. The seashell said: “Do not pick me up, leave me in the sea.” Daisy was very surprised, she said: “Am I dreaming or not?” The seashell replied: “You are not sleeping; I am a magic seashell and if you put me back in the sea, then a white pearl will be flushed up on the shore.” And it spoke more: “You have to pick up the white pearl, put it in your small bag, and bring it home. At home you can wish whatever you want and it will be forever lasting wishes.” So Daisy picked it up and threw the seashell in the sea and then she watched for a white pearl. And she saw, shining in the sun, a pearl, she picked it up and put it in the small bag. She went to her parents and had some lunch. After lunch Daisy’s parents said: “You have been a good girl, and it is very hot, so let’s buy some ice-cream.” Daisy loved ice-cream. So then Daisy remembered the white pearl. She said: “Mother, I was searching for seashells and I saw a very nice seashell, it was a purple seashell with pink spots, I was about to pick it up and put it in my bag, but then I saw eyes, a nose and a mouth appear, so it started to talk to me. Then it said to me, throw me into the sea, so I asked why. It said, if I throw the seashell, then I will find a white pearl on the shore. So I found it! The seashell told me that it is a magic pearl, that you can give you ever lasting wishes. We don’t need to buy ice-cream, we can just wish for it!” Her parents asked: “Can we tell everyone on the beach?” “Yes, of course”, Daisy replied. So then Daisy’s country became the richest country in the world, because she wished to give money to everyone. It was all because Daisy was a good girl, if Daisy hadn’t been a good girl then she wouldn’t have thrown back the beautiful seashell.  That night she said in her bed: “This is the best day in my life.”

The end

Name: Cherish Kimlungdeih Gangte

Age: 7 years

I hope you loved that simple but fun story written by Cherish as much as I did! Now…. some memes….. in a different style!!

I decided to mix several meme videos into one video!! I hope you laugh hard!! Enjoy!!

Enjoy and laugh hard!!

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