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Spread the Love~A beautiful guest post!!!

Hello everyone!!! Today, instead of ‘Thursday Theatre’, we will be having a lovely guest post from…… Maeflower!!

I am so honored that Maeflower has agreed to write a post………. When I first saw it….. I was really amazed and touched!!! I can’t wait to share it with all of you!!

Now, presenting….. Ms. Maeflower!!!


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Hey everyone! Just wanted to give a big thanks to Amy for allowing me to do this! I am super excited. 😏

       So I thought alot about what to do for this post and I just got a stellar idea. I know I haven’t allaberated much on my blog about the troubles in my class at school. It is like a whole new group of people. ANYWAYS, there are a couple kids that everyone struggles to connect with. Like some of the things that are happening are bad. Like, you wouldn’t expect this to happen in a private Christian school. There is this one girl that can be super fun to hang out with but when she is under the influence of a couple girls there she becomes a total bully. I will have to go into that later.   

   Then there is another girl that does all of this “horrible” stuff like vape and yeah…..And then suddenly everyone is talking about it and this person tells their parents and then the parents call their friends and it is just a whole big blow up. But if you took a moment to place yourself in their shoes you might just realize just how lucky you won out in the family department. We all do our fair share in spreading the news/gossip and it is hard to keep yourself in check and not go soft on your peers.   

  That person that you just were talking trash about at the lockers might be dealing with issues at home. You just wouldn’t know it because people will put up a front around others so that they don’t get looked down upon. I was also thinking about a movie in particular(I won’t say a name so no spoilers) where a new girl moves in with a jerk half brother that cusses and beats her. The brother used to be this carefree kid but his dad would beat his mother and him and get drunk and his actions and abuse would get passed down to him because that is all that he knows. When he eventually dies in the end, it made me really sad that his whole life this guy got shown no love whatsoever and would be  beaten down and broken till he couldn’t function anymore. It literally breaks my heart and I am near tears because of it. I physically cannot imagine a world where I have not known the meaning of love and family.   

   I have a saying on my home page if you want to check it out,-Musingsofamaeflower– that says:

The world is full of kind people, if you can’t find one, be one.

       That is the number one thing I try to promote on my blog and in real life. It is so important to me that people get shown the love the Lord had intended for us to share.        When we are faced with dealing with people who seem “messed up”, the best thing you can do is to show them love in whatever way you can. I believe that knowing even an ounce of love in a life where someone has been rejected for as long as they have lived could possibly change their lives forever.  

     So instead of talking trash about someone, even if you aren’t doing it intentionally, show them what it means to be loved.💖



Ok guys!!!! I’m speechless!! It was so beautiful and true right!! I loved the sentence ‘I believe that knowing even an ounce of love in a life where someone has been rejected for as long as they have lived could possibly change their lives forever.’

So…….. Please ‘spread some love’ in the comments and tell Maeflower what you think of it!!!! Also, go check out Maeflower’s amazing blog!! You won’t regret it!!

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I guess that is all for today’s post!!! But see you tomorrow!! Toodles!!